The subreddit that replaces the banned ElonJet Twitter account is very popular

In the days and weeks after Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the new CEO promised that his great power would come with great responsibility — including not banning the account that was tracking his private jet.

Well, that was a lie.

After ElonJet was suspended by Jack Sweeney, a Twitter bot that regularly posts information about Musk’s flight times and location, on Wednesday, a new home was created on Reddit dedicated to the ElonJet account. Just like Twitter’s Sweeney bot, Redditors on r/ElonJetTracker use public flight tracking and transponder data to figure out where the billionaire is traveling when he’s not working”Twitter SF HQ all night long. “

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A subreddit dedicated to tracking Musk’s private jet has become the third fastest growing subreddit on the site, with over 67,000 members and growing at the time of writing. Created on the same day as Sweeney’s Twitter ban on Wednesday, moderators pinned the following message to his forum, along with links to track Musk’s plane:

“Given the latest attempt to obscure public data on the whereabouts of a corporate jet, funded in part by US taxpayers, this will help the community maintain easy access to this publicly available information. Please spread the word!!!”

Posts on the subreddit range from users dedicated to replying to Musk’s tweets with the current location of his plane, to others pointing out the billionaire’s hypocritical stances on freedom of speech. A post on a subreddit with over 2,700 upvotes says they’re not even interested in an Elon jet, “but in the interest of free speech I’ve researched this sub and will be checking it out constantly from now on.”

For context, Sweeney’s ban, and the creation of r/ElonJetTracker come at a very volatile moment for Twitter, as the list of problems for the social media platform keeps growing. Sweeney was just one of several accounts, many of them belonging to prominent journalists, that were banned or suspended by Musk for allegedly violating Twitter’s policy on doxxing — the act of disclosing personal information about an individual with the intent of harassment or malicious intent. Musk claims Sweeney and others’ account was used to assist a “crazy stalker” who he believes was following him and his son late Tuesday night.

Many of these accounts have now been reinstated.

to me from the insideMusk offered Sweeney $5,000 to cancel the Elon Jet account but was turned down and faced with an offer of $50,000 instead – Musk then blocked Sweeney.

Musk’s antics have caught on from a major Tesla investor and even the United Nations. Meanwhile, on Dec. 16, Musk reinstated the accounts of prominent right-wing election deniers and QAnon followers like Mike Lindell and James O’Keefe.

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