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Friday features a 14-game roster starting at 7 PM ET.

Let’s dive into some of the best plays on the list with FantasyLabs’ tools and metrics.

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Note: Estimates and leverages may change throughout the day after this article was published. The landscape of NBA DFS is changing quickly.

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NBA DFS Point Guard picks


The NBA will be taking a one-day break before a five-game slate on Christmas Day, so naturally, almost every team is in action on Friday. This means we have a lot of options in DFS, and there is a lot of injury news to watch. Be sure to keep checking back with our NBA samplers as the day progresses because every piece of news can have a huge impact on predictions.

lamelo ball He’s coming off a monster performance in his latest outing, notching his first triple-double of the year with 25 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists. He has now posted a positive plus/minus on FanDuel in all five games since returning from injury, and has racked up at least 45.0 FanDuel points in three straight games.

LaMelo is still reasonably priced at $8,900 on FanDuel, resulting in a bargain rating of 97%, and leads the position with 11 Pro Trends. It will also get a bump if Terry Roser Forced to miss his third straight game, LaMelo has increased his utilization rate to 34.4% over the past two contests.


The Pelicans are in the second leg of a back-to-back game, so we’re still waiting for the official injury report. so he said, Brandon Ingram It’s still out of the lineup, though, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Zion Williamson Missing another game in health and safety protocols.

Jose Alvarado It saw a slight bump as Williamson fell out of the line-up on Thursday, netting just under 25 minutes. He responded with 22.5 DraftKings points, and Alvarado averaged 0.98 DraftKings points per minute this season. It’s underpriced at $3,400, given a bargain rating of 98%.

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Jaden Ivey I hit a bit of a novice wall over the past month, but it’s starting to stick around. He’s posted a positive plus/minus in three straight games, and his playing time is moving in the right direction. He’s averaged at least 32.8 minutes in consecutive games, and has averaged 0.95 DraftKings points per minute this season.

Chris Paul The Suns will have to handle most of the ball-handling duties on Friday. The team will be without both Devin Booker And the Cam PayneUnsurprisingly, Paul saw a huge increase in value with both players off the ground.

He’s upped his utilization and assist rates in this scenario, and he’ll take the floor very quickly against the Grizzlies.

DFS NBA Shooting Guard Picks


CJ McCollum He’s only PG in DraftKings, but has dual eligibility in FanDuel. If Williamson gets out of the lineup again, it will be very difficult not to play him in one of those positions. His utilization rate increased to 36.8% with Williamson out of the lineup on Thursday, and he averaged 67.1 FanDuel thanks to 40 points, eight rebounds and nine assists.

McCollum has seen team utilization up 5.5% with Ingram and Williamson off the ground this season, and he’s scored a positive plus/minus in six of his past seven games. The Thunder also played the sixth fastest pace this season, totaling 232.5 points this game.


If you’re looking for a little cheaper with Pelican, Trey Murphy It stands out as a solid option at $4,600 on DraftKings. He’s currently expected to be just under 32 minutes long on our NBA models, and he’s averaging 0.84 DraftKings points per minute this season.

Murphy has historically posted an average plus/minus of +3.51 with a similar salary and accurate forecast, and scored 26.0 DraftKings points on Friday.

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Therese Halliburton He is currently in doubt for the Pacers, and his absence would make Andrew Nimbard Basically you have to play. He averaged 39.2 minutes in two games without Haliburton this season, and averaged 47.38 points at the DraftKings.

Mavericks is a bit weak at the moment, though Max GlueAnd the Dorian Finney SmithAnd the Josh GreenAnd the Kimba Walker Excluded for the Friday game vs. the Rockets. This may result in a few extra minutes for Spencer Dinwiddie. It’s expected to last over 37 minutes on our NBA models, and has averaged 1.02 FanDuel points per minute over the past month.

That makes it a premium option at $6,500 on FanDuel, especially in an excellent matchup against the Rockets.

NBA DFS Small Forward Picks


What remains to be said about him LeBron James at this point? He can no longer carry a team on his own, but remains one of the best players in fantasy going into his 20th professional season. He posted a positive plus/minus in four straight games, and had to handle an extended workload Anthony Davis He comes down with an injury. He has accumulated at least 57.75 DraftKings points in consecutive games, and averaged 1.49 DraftKings points per minute with Davis off the ground this season.

LeBron is also in one of the better positions on Friday versus the Hornets. This game totals 241.5 points, and the Lakers’ implied total of 122.5 is second on the list.


Eric Gordon He was left out of the Rockets, which means KJ Martin has to move to the starting lineup. He has delivered excellent fantasy value as a junior this season, averaging 13.3 points, 7.0 rebounds and 1.7 assists in 30.5 minutes per game. It’s hard to pass up this kind of production for just $3,700 on a DraftKings, especially since Martin can be used on both forward points.

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Nazi Marshall It was a disappointment for the Pelicans on Thursday, as they finished with just 14.0 FanDuel points in 24.8 minutes. However, you can certainly return to the Well if Zion is inactive. It’s increased its output to 0.86 FanDuel points per minute over the past month, and it’s currently expected to last just over 30 minutes on our NBA models. This is an attractive combination for someone on the cheap across the industry.

Jaylen Brown He didn’t have his best showing in his last contest, but he still has an average plus/minus of +8.92 over his past 10 matches on FanDuel. It’s also still discounted, with his $8,800 salary resulting in a bargain rating of 96%.

He also leads the position with 12 Pro Trends and can’t seem to get the ownership he deserves. The Browns have a lot of traction against the Timberwolves, who have played the fourth fastest tempo this season.

NBA DFS Power Forward picks


Giannis Antikonmo He barely had to break a sweat for bucks most days of the year. They have the best record in basketball and even though they’ve barely gotten any production out of Khris Middleton, Giannis has averaged an average of plus/minus -0.58 over the past month.

However, Giannis reminded everyone of his fantasy elite potential over the past two games. He scored at least 42 points in both contests, and had a FanDuel score of 71.8 in one of the toughest head-to-head games in the league. The Cavaliers are ranked first in defensive efficiency and last in speed, but Giannis still put in a monster performance.

Giannis will meet another Eastern Conference contender on Friday. The Nets have won seven straight games, so this game has a playoff feel to it. Giannis doesn’t stand out as a particularly strong value in our NBA models, but he expects to own less than five percent across the industry. Giannis will always have appeal in tournaments with those kind of numbers.


Tari Eason is another potential Rockets value on this list. He’s down at $3,500 at DraftKings, resulting in a bargain valuation of 96%, and he has a very imaginative skill set. He’s able to knock down 3-pointers and have defensive stats, and has averaged 1.04 DraftKings points per minute this season. He didn’t expect him for as many minutes as Martin, but he could make up for that with his superior per-minute efficiency.

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Miles Turner He had a roller coaster for a year. It has shown a brutal roof some nights and disappears completely on others. This was the story of his career and, unfortunately, his departure Domantas Sabonis Didn’t do much to change things. However, Turner saw utilization up 4.5% with Haliburton off the ground, so it would carry some additional upside if Haliburton wasn’t able to fit in. The Heat has also been a surprisingly good game for the big men this season, giving Turner a plus/minus +4.73 discount on FanDuel.

Zack Collins He is another potential target on FanDuel, where his $5,300 salary comes with a bargain rating of 93%. He’s posted a positive plus/minus in five of his past six games, and has averaged 1.05 FanDuel points per minute this season.

NBA DFS Center picks


Don’t look now, however Nikola Jokic He threw his hat back into the ring for a third straight MVP. The big man has led the Nuggets to wins in five of their past six games, and he’s posted some exciting fantasy scores in those contests. He has three games with at least 80.5 DraftKings points in his past five games, making his 55.75 DraftKings points in his last game seem pedestrian. He made his third triple-double in five games, but only had 13 points, 13 rebounds and 13 assists.

The Nuggets injury report will be important to monitor the trend into the lineup lock. Michael Porter Jr He told reporters that he will play on Friday, but his attendance is likely to be very limited. The big news is that Jamal Murray Doubtful. If he gets left out, there’s no reason why you can’t go straight back to Jokic for a solid game against the Blazers. On a slate with tons of stars, Jokic leads them all in terms of dropping the roof.


We can continue to target Galen Doreen for the value in the centre. He finally disappointed as a starter in his final game, finishing with just 22.0 points against the 76ers. However, facing Joel Embiid on the inside is one of the most difficult tasks in basketball. Prior to this performance, he had recorded at least 11 rebounds in seven straight games, and scored at least 29.75 DraftKings points in four straight games.

Friday’s game against the Hawks is much more friendly, giving Doreen a plus/minus +3.34 discount on the DraftKings. It’s also still undervalued at $5,000, resulting in a bargain rating of 91%.

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Deender Eaton He is another member of the Suns team who should take advantage of the team’s injury situation. He’s seen team utilization up +6.6% with Booker and Payne off the floor this season, and he’s already averaged 1.35 DraftKings points per minute over the past month. He earned a DraftKings score of 47.75 on his last ride, which gives him plenty of oomph at the $7,900 price tag.

Jonas Valanciūnas He is the last player to be considered for the Pelicans if Williamson is eliminated. His minutes were a bit choppy, but he did score double-doubles in consecutive games. This beast includes 67.1 FanDuel points from two games ago, so very few players in this price range can match the upside.

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