Henry Cavill Was a ‘Pawn’ in Dwayne Johnson’s DCU Takeover Bid According to Insider

Henry CavillThe return and departure of the DCU was just another strange chapter in the story of Warner Bros.’ reformation. Discovery for what has to be their biggest franchise. A report by The Hollywood Reporter has now quoted an industry insider as saying what many have suspected for some time, that Cavill and Hawkeye-Cookie’s Superman were the reason he was a “pawn” in the game. Dwayne Johnsonwanting to make himself the center of the DC franchise.

Dwayne Johnson explained that he was responsible for bringing back Henry Cavill’s crucifixion man Black Adam cameo appearance and, at the time, boasted of skipping the head of departing DC head Walter Hamada to make it happen. But, Black Adam It failed to ignite the fuse quite the way Johnson had hoped, making just $389 million and failing to even upset the top ten films of the year.

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According to the new report, an insider told the publication that Cavill ended up caught in the crossfire of Johnson’s desires and the reality of the situation:

“In the end, he was a pawn in Dwayne’s failed attempt to take control of a piece of the capital.”

Additionally, Cavill did not have a contract to make more appearances in the DCU but only had a verbal agreement that new projects would be created for him in the future. Cavill was paid $250,000 for his appearance in the Superman movie, though it looks like it’s in Sparkle It won’t happen anymore, but that seems to be where the Superman story was always destined to end.

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How did Dwayne Johnson respond to the cancellation of Superman?

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The short answer to that is, as far as Dwayne Johnson is concerned, business as usual, since he didn’t directly address the collapse of his Black Adam/Superman dream, but instead allegedly quietly canceled both of them. Black Adam and the Warner Bros. pages. on Instagram. While the actor refuted this, he has turned his attention to raising his upcoming Apple TV festive film one redindicating that he is ready to move on as if Black Adam It didn’t even exist. Even the movie’s arrival on HBO Max, which should have seen Johnson doing his usual thing, passed with complete silence on the radio despite the actor continuing to post on his social media accounts.

Now DCU fans are left waiting for more information on what exactly they will be getting from the DC franchise moving forward. James Gunn has already teased some potential projects and confirmed he’s writing a new Superman movie that will focus on a younger version of the character. Gunn has also confirmed that a new version of Batman will also be a big part of the franchise, and there have been rumors about futures for the likes of Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot, but nothing has been set in stone just yet. Where all this leaves next year list of movies like Shazam! wrath of the gods flash, And the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Also unclear, as it now looks like the movies will be a bizarre and unsatisfying conclusion to the DCEU as it’s been known.

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