5 years ago, Will Smith made a terrible thriller – and it changed Netflix forever

Capital suicide squad Summing up everything wrong with the scorching and turbulent months of summer 2016. He was obsessive and boastful, busy on the surface but intellectually lazy. An expensive spectacle whose message — the importance of unity despite differences — is lost in flashy neon packaging and Jared Leto’s forehead tattoo.

We later learned that writer-director David Ayer had little to do with what ended up on screen. Sure, he wrote the screenplay and directed the great cast, but in the editing booth suicide squad It became something else. in 2020, Eyre tweeted that the “sentimental drama” was “slashed into comedy”.

Even by 2017, we knew enough to know suicide squad It wasn’t exactly a David Ayer movie. Perhaps his next movie, a Netflix exclusive, is an indication of what he’s been going for. months ago suicide squad Hitting theatres, Eyre boarded bright, a hybrid genre where Tolkien-esque fantasy is thrown into a hardcore cop drama. Eyre had to mash training day script to The hobbit.

bright It was also panned, but it was a major milestone for Netflix. It wasn’t the platform’s first original film starring a major actor, but it was a major marketing coup, and its unpopularity with critics didn’t stop Netflix from using it as a springboard to greater success.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton bright.Netflix

basics bright, A high-concept hybrid with a modernity but a bit of a timeless quality, it’s ready for streaming creators. Set in an alternate timeline where humans live with other sentient races such as elves, orcs, and fairies, Los Angeles cop Daryl Ward (Will Smith) returns to duty after a severe gunshot wound and reunites with his partner, Jacoby (Joel Edgerton), the only orc in the city. Los Angeles Police. As Ward harbors suspicions against Jacoby, their day turns when they meet an elf (Lucy Fry) who has fallen into a magical plot and possesses a rare magic wand that Jacoby describes as a “wish-granting nuclear bomb”.

Critics gave bright Defeat, slamming its lazy metaphors for racial bias in law enforcement, unfinished world-building, and awful filmmaking. It is a dark film, both literally and intellectually. Will Smith’s horrible “imaginary life doesn’t matter today” crack is about as memorable as it gets.

Its technical failures didn’t slow its commercial triumph, as its inexplicable popularity helped Netflix write its book. before its release, the edge Bryan Bishop documented Netflix’s attempt to turn around with bright. What was unusual for Netflix in 2017 is Bright A budget of $90 million, and how Netflix has made sure the investment is worth it. According to Bishop, Netflix has begun to “combine insights into user behavior with algorithmically generated profiles of the movies themselves.”

Although a new hypothesis, bright He fails to do or say anything beyond his superficial portrayal of racism in law enforcement.Netflix

bright Help Netflix improve an already powerful algorithm. The film’s real value was in its SEO tags — Will Smith, action, cop drama, fantasy — which ensured that while not everyone would watch it, the right subscribers would.

As Bishop wrote:

The company has begun experimenting with creating shares for bright Back in March, the clips appeared for existing users specifically targeted…but the real push starts a few weeks before release, when mentions of the movie pop up in the browsing experience of users the service has determined are most likely to respond to the movie’s mix of Bold movement and magical imagination.”

bright Also change Netflix’s use of visual assets. The images that show the movies to viewers change depending on which profile they’re signed into, ensuring that anyone navigating the sea of ​​Netflix content will be pulled to a title based on appearances. Netflix was already experimenting with the idea, however bright Make it a standard practice.

Netflix’s calculated gamble paid off when the premiere was followed by headlines touting its performance. Based on Nielsen data, bright It was seen by nearly 11 million Americans in the first three days.

bright It didn’t lead to an extended universe, but the movie could still bring eyeballs to Netflix.Netflix

Netflix has more viewership, but the number hardly matters. The important thing is that bright Updating the narrative strategy of streaming platforms: create hype, ignore the critics, enjoy a grand opening, and retain a product that viewers can watch in folding clothes years later.

Little bright is salvation. Five years later, Eyre’s idol hasn’t really held up to the police, not this concussion Shadowrun knockoff at all. But her real legacy is just that gray man Just implemented the same boring marketing tricks this summer. bright It is more important than anyone thinks, for all the wrong reasons.

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