James Gunn Responds To People Who Were “Not Nice” About DC Studios

James Gunn

James Gunn
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It looks like James Gunn might need to learn a lesson that he probably should have learned a few years ago, as his accessibility on social media quickly makes him a target for people who… aren’t particularly excited about the moves he’s making with his life. New position as Co-President of DC Studios (The recently renamed Warner Bros. Discovery division responsible for superhero/comic book movies). The lesson, of course, is to “maybe don’t go to Twitter at all” or at least “limit who can reply to what you post”, because – let’s not forget – this website was a dump even before this big idiot took over.

This stems from a post Gunn made on Twitter this week in which he admitted that he and fellow DC Studios co-president Peter Safran were “knowing” that when he took over there would be “a certain minority of people on the Internet who could be, well, loud and unprofessional.” Nice, to say the least.” (He didn’t say it specifically, but we all know what he’s talking about, right? Maybe a group of people rallied together behind one specific demand and yelled about it for years until the WB caved in and gave them exactly what they wanted, but still wouldn’t shut up about it?)

Gunn explained on Twitter that he’s doing what he and Safran believe is “what’s best for the story” and “what’s best for the DC characters” they now have oversight over, and while their decisions may not always be good, he insists they “remake” it with honest hearts and integrity and always with the story in mind. consideration.” He says that “a disrespectful outcry will never affect our actions,” because he and Safran know they will sometimes have to make “difficult and unclear choices” because of “the fractious nature of what came before us.”

Basically, he’s saying that DC Films (as it was previously known) was already a mess, and while he may make decisions people don’t agree with, he’s only doing what he thinks is best – as well as yelling at him on Twitter won’t get you anywhere. However, people are clearly yelling at him on Twitter, with #FireJamesGunn trending intermittently and commenters on his thread objecting to the idea that they’re a “minority” when they’re so loud and used to getting what they want.

But in their defense, DC Studios has had a lousy few weeks. There was absolutely no way Gunn and Safran would ever get out of it.”Wonder Woman 3 does not happen“and the”Henry Cavill does not play Supermanbut also not come back to the magicianstories without sounding too bad, and it’s worth noting (if totally unfair at the same time, given they’ve only had the job for two months) that there wasn’t much of anything Hassan to exit DC Studios recently.

Gunn has been responding to some people in the comments on the hit series, which is a bad idea, and it makes this about the 10th time in the last few weeks that he’s felt personally compelled to go online and tell everyone what he’s doing instead of just, you know, doing it. We already have George RR Martin, James Gunn, we don’t need a second one.

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