Nvidia RTX 4090: It’s So Hot That It Melts Power Cables

GPUs have been a hot commodity but that’s ridiculous. Using Nvidia’s 600W power socket and cable with RTX graphics cards might seem like a good idea at the time, but some users reported overheating issues.

An unlucky user uploaded pictures of a Nv-branded 12VHPWR power cable that melted as it was connected to the RTX 4090. The cable feeds power from the PC’s PSU to the GPU card.

“It smelled bad and I saw smoke,” the redditor explained, adding that the power connector appears to be the problem because the card is still working despite the damage.

Another post on Reddit described a similar experience with the RTX 4090, which only went on sale earlier this month, sharing photos of their card, which showed less damage, but still the melted power connectors on the GPU board and cable end.

The 12VHPWR power connector and cables used by the Nvidia RTX 4090s were revealed earlier this year along with Intel’s new ATX power supply specifications. These PSUs are designed to support power-hungry PCIe gen-5 graphics cards that require more power. The 12VHPWR connector and cable can deliver 600W to the GPU from an appropriate PSU.

The industry group responsible for PCI standards, PCI-SIG, said there really was a problem with these power adapters. In a letter sent to members in September, PCI-SIG said it was “aware that some applications of 12VHPWR connectors and assemblies have demonstrated thermal variability, which could lead to safety issues under certain conditions.”

Dedicated cable maker Cablemod goes into more detail about the cause of the problems, meaning that any bending of wires within 35mm of the connector “may result in an uneven load across the other wires, increasing the risk of damage from overheating.” We’re told it’s worse if the cable is curved vertically.

Whether these users have bent their cables in this way is unknown, as is Nvidia’s response to the problem. In the original Reddit post, a moderator noted that Nvidia was in direct contact with the original publisher, but the content of their discussion and potential Nvidia responses are unknown.

Nvidia’s 40-series graphics cards were only revealed by the company in September, but check the date in that linked story: It’s from the 20th, while news of a PCI-SIG letter surfaced on the 10th. Nvidia is a member of PCI-SIG, and so you should have known there were issues with the cables used to power their latest flagship cards.

While the RTX 4090 went on sale, Nvidia pulled the lower-version version of its other new card, the RTX 4080, due to concerns about confusion caused by two cards with the same designation. On the other hand, cable melting appears to be no less of a concern – at least not one big enough to prevent the card from selling.

“We are investigating the reports. We are in contact with the first owner and will be in touch with the other for additional information,” Nvidia said. record. We will update if we get more words. ®

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