Deshaun Watson’s attorney: Plaintiff’s text messages show ‘it’s extortionate extortion’; She seeks to impose sanctions on her lawyer

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Deshaun Watson’s attorney, Rusty Harden, is seeking penalties from the 26th plaintiff’s attorney who is accusing Watson of sexual misconduct during a massage because it is a “spurious lawsuit.”

In a Tuesday night telephone interview with, Hardin said that text messages from the plaintiff to Watson — more than 35 messages sent in the year after the alleged incident in December of 2020 but not returned by him according to filings — showed that she had not She is forced into oral sex, which she claims is in her suit.

Hardin says the plaintiff’s attorney, Anissa Nguyen, was in possession of the text messages when she filed the lawsuit on October 13. sent an email and text message to Nguyen for a comment.

“Nothing but my extortionate blackmail and we will not tolerate it,” Hardin said. “Gone are the days of adjudicating lawsuits we don’t believe in.”

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Some text messages, screenshots of which are in the filings, show the prosecutor asking Watson to meet her at the Houston hotel, where the alleged incident occurred during the only massage appointment. Some requests to see him were made again just days after the alleged assault.

The other texts from her seem sexually explicit about the things she can do to him or vice versa.

“This obviously doesn’t sound like someone was pressured into oral sex,” Hardin said.

Harden’s colleague, Leah Graham, who also represents Watson, joined the call via and said the company had been silent long enough about the nature of some of the issues.

“I think the days of biting our tongue and trying to be politically correct and trying to be a little bit careful about what the evidence shows and what the facts reveal — the days of doing that are gone,” Graham said. “The truth will set us free.”

Hardin stressed that any lawyer trying the same trick in the future would have to answer it in court. He said Watson had settled 23 of 24 lawsuits – one pending – so he could return to the field. All of these plaintiffs were represented by Houston attorney Tony Busby, who told that he has dismissed five others. Nguyen told earlier this month that her client had spoken to Buzbee about acting.

Watson is currently working on an 11-game suspension by the NFL under a personal conduct policy, but is on his way to play on December 4 in Houston, where most of the alleged incidents occurred. He returned to Brown’s facility on a limited basis on October 10, and could begin training with the team on November 14.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at a league meeting last fall that Watson had met all of the terms and conditions of his suspension up to this point, including treatment for what the NFL had determined was sexual assault, and that he should be brought back to the final six. Toys.

“He’s back (with Brown) and as far as we’re concerned, it’s over,” Hardin said. “We settled a bunch of lawsuits for which we had no responsibility – and which we believe were not merited – but we have settled them in order to end practically everything so that he can start playing football.”

He said Watson also had to “settle it with the NFL. Both are done now. Now, anyone who wants to file one of these lawsuits does so at their own risk because there is no such thing, and we will fight every single one of them” .

Watson, who also had to pay a $5 million fine as part of the NFL settlement, has maintained his innocence since the allegations first surfaced in 2020.

Hardin said Nguyen “allowed it to look like it might be a new lawsuit. She never told anyone that this woman was questioned by the police in April of 2021. It’s irresponsible for a lawyer to take up this case. She has a moral responsibility to investigate the case and make sure.” She feels that there is a legitimate basis for her filing. It is clear that she did not, because her client has been rejected by everyone who has looked into the matter for over a year.”

He noted that the plaintiff was dismissed not only by police, but by a grand jury in Harris County, Texas, and the NFL when compiling a credible case list.

“It’s an outrageous lawsuit aimed at getting a quick settlement, and those days are gone,” Hardin said. “The ship has sailed.”

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