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Thanks to my little army of Apple AirTags, losing my car keys and misplacing my wallet are annoyances from the past. Leaving the house no longer involves that annoying ritual of pointlessly checking pockets for a few seconds before frantically frantically searching for my missing items.

But like many early AirTag users, I’ve long been spoiled by the tool’s ability to save me time and make me look more organized than I really am. Fortunately, the tracker can do a lot more than just identify your essentials before you run into Starbucks. Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this game-changing Apple gadget.

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AirTag separates itself from the item tracking competition with its precise search feature. Like similar devices, Apple uses technology to alert you to the general area where your lost item was left. But Precision Search, activated in the Find My app on iPhone (and compatible with iPhone 11 and later), offers more specific directions, complete with navigation arrows and a distance tracker. This feature is particularly useful in noisy areas – where the audio alert may be drowned out – or if there is a possibility that your tracked article may be covered and/or simply isn’t lying out in the open waiting to be discovered.

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AirTag can feel like the ultimate savior in situations where you are at a complete loss tracking down an important misplaced item. But a drained battery can drain at that same life-saving rate if you’re not careful. You probably won’t have to worry about replacing a dying hive for at least a year. Once you reach that 12-month milestone, you’ll want to monitor your energy source juice—via the Find My app—on a regular basis.

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AirTags are waterproof and fairly durable, but you may not want to test these qualities with high-value items—especially when traveling. If you are an avid outdoorsman or someone who works outside the home full time, you may want to consider some extra protection for your tracker. The tank-like TagVault fits the bill and then some, and the AirTag is encased in a solid, stainless steel casing that will withstand the elements…and maybe a nuclear blast.

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Emojis are fun…and practical

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If you are using multiple AirTags, you will need to assign each item a specific name to distinguish them from each other. But it’s also useful to distinguish each tracked item with emojis, which can be easily set under “Rename AirTag” in the Find My app. The brightly colored emojis, which represent everything from keys and backpacks to your favorite pet (see tip next,) make each item have its own cartoonish personality.

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Attaching an AirTag to your pet’s collar is a great way to keep tabs on them. Whether you have a particularly curious house cat that enters every nook and cranny or a dog with a penchant for wandering the neighborhood, this option offers loving pet owners some extra peace of mind. Having said that, you’ll want to make sure the tracker is attached in an animal-safe manner. With that in mind, it’s worth considering several collar and belt mounts—like TagVault’s waterproof version—that are designed specifically for this purpose.

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If your love of AirTags has made you associate them with anything that isn’t named, you’ve probably noticed that the Find My app is getting a little busy. Instead of scrolling through a long list — or even relying on your iPhone for that matter — you can simply give Siri a shout on any device within your iOS network. Just give the AI ​​assistant the name of the missing article, and you’re set to work.

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If the tracked item is really lost, AirTag’s last ditch feature can help you find it. With Lost Mode enabled, anyone who stumbles across your valuables can get your contact information—and hopefully use it—by tapping the AirTag on their device. Within the Find My app, where you’ll enable Lost Mode, you can also choose what contact information you want to provide — phone number or email address — as well as activate notifications so you’ll be instantly alerted if a stranger attempts to reunite you and your AirTag.

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AirTags are commonly attached to key rings, purses, and backpacks – and there’s absolutely no shortage of aftermarket accessories designed to support those uses. But what if you wanted to put one on your favorite coffee cup, video game console, or forever lost TV remote? Pelican’s AirTag adhesive mounts have got your back…or the front or pretty much anywhere you want to mount your tracker. These versatile bags are also great for concealed or concealed placement, such as under a bike seat or in your toolbox.

Functional and fashionable

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Most AirTag users think that the tracker is only a functional item. And while its ability to locate lost loot is its primary function, it can also be dressed up a bit to express your personality and style. Whether you want an expensive Gucci mount or slide one into a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, there’s an entire market dedicated to making the AirTag as fashionable as it is functional.

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