In his new memoir, Fat Joe shares that he seriously considered suicide: ‘I felt so alone’

New York rapper Fat Joe revealed two surprises in his new book titled Everything, Jose bookincluding his close appeal with death.

On Tuesday, November 15, the memoir of a South Bronx native was released and it’s based on his life before fame. He opens up about his childhood trauma growing up in New York. In the book, he candidly shares two moments where he had a close call with Death – one he was planning to carry out and one that was beyond his control.

One evening when he was in his late teens, he discovered some shocking news in an argument that left him with intense feelings. During a dispute with his older half-brother, he learns that they are not biological siblings. Feeling betrayed by his family, he immediately leaves his home to run away.

“I’ve never told anyone before: I actually contemplated taking my life. I think now is the time to let go… It happened over the holidays when I was maybe 17, 18,” Fat Joe began. “I drove off, crying more than I’ve ever been in my life. I kept driving faster, squeezing the Mustang hard.”

Due to the intense anger and pain, thoughts of suicide begin to cross Fat Joe’s mind. While driving the Mustang, he thought one way to end it all could be by accelerating his car into a concrete wall.

“I found myself racing all the way from the Forest Ventures to City Island… There’s only one way to get on or off the island: two lanes over a bridge. I’ve been driving over that bridge maybe 100 miles an hour and across,” said the “Lean Back” rapper. City Island.

He continued, writing, “Anger boiled in my heart, and tears ran down my face. I felt lonely. I was beginning to think I didn’t want to be here. It’s Tony’s right.” [restaurant] There was this huge concrete barrier to stop you from driving into Long Island Sound. This is where I was going.”

At this moment, he felt that death was the best option for dealing with the pain he felt.

“I thought about my Mustang crashing straight into the barrier at full speed. My car was going so fast that I only had a few seconds to choose between life and death when the barrier appeared. My eyes, nearly blinded by tears, finally made contact with the barrier.”

But fortunately, he had a quick revelation moment. This changed his mind, causing him to “put on the brakes” and not go through with his plans. He knew he didn’t want to die and “had a lot to do.”

The 52-year-old artist’s second encounter with death was in an unexpected situation. Upon confronting a friend at the time about the ten dollars he owed, an argument ensued. The confrontation led to “What’s Luv?” The rapper hits his friend. In response, the ex-boyfriend pulled out a gun and shot him several times.

He wrote, “He aimed the gun, pointed at me, and fired… I saw the shells falling on the concrete in slow motion… It was then at last that I began to run.” A bullet hit me in the back and exited through my stomach. Maybe it was the adrenaline but I didn’t skip the step. Then boom! I got hit again, this time in my arms. I still managed to keep running.”

Although he wasn’t sure if he would make it, the injuries weren’t too severe and he was able to leave the hospital the same day.

Fat Joe went on to have a successful career in hip-hop, becoming a Grammy-nominated artist and collaborating with some of the industry’s best artists.

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