James Cameron learns a hard lesson – you don’t wake up enough

King of the World is having a tough week.

James Cameron, who dubbed himself “Titanic” after winning 11 Academy Awards in 1998, has just released his first major film in 13 years.

Continuing the saga that began in 2009, Avatar: The Way of Water is a tale of human abuse of Mother Earth.

Cameron is one of Hollywood’s most environmentally conscious celebrities, and he puts millions in this sentiment. He’s made his Way of Water staff vegan, invested in plant-based food initiatives and is spending his Hollywood capital on message projects like “The Game Changers.”

Respect the environment…or else. However, he did not stop there.

Most recently, Cameron paid tribute to the pregnant female warriors in “The Way of Water,” saying they are way ahead of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to female empowerment. After that, he blasts the male hormone testosterone, calling it a “poison” that must be cleansed from the body.

None of these awakened letters protected him from more awakened critics.


First, some berated Cameron for an “avatar” themed scene including dolphins. The Japanese event found Cameron, along with the film’s stars including Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana, joining in on a dolphin show.

The reaction was fast and furious, with animal activists outraged by Cameron’s alleged infidelity.

Cameron later said that he was unaware of the dolphin part of the presentation and was angry about it but decided not to objectify mid-show. The director apologized to many of his critics via email.

“So, if people really want to save the dolphins, they need to get rid of the damned tuna melt…in fact, stop eating fish altogether and stick to plant-based proteins, like I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. or prohibition, and that I regret it.”

Then, one film critic suggested that “Avatar: The Way of Water” is little more than a White Savior full of cultural appropriation.

Woods wasn’t alone.

Others weighed in, and torpedoed Cameron’s film along similar lines.

… The new Avatar movie is being accused of using a mixture of the histories of different Indigenous cultures for a film with a largely white cast. (Notable casting exceptions include Zoe Saldana, a black Latina actress, and Cliff Curtis, who is of Maori descent.)

Autumn Asher Blackder, assistant professor in the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, shared her criticism on social media.

“Why watch a ridiculous movie about blue aliens when you can just support actual Aboriginal people and our fight for clean water here on Earth? Yes, we exist.”

Cameron is a Hollywood royal, an Academy Award winner with a famous resume that includes “Aliens” and “The Terminator”. He is king in the industry, and deservedly so given his box office success.

He still doesn’t realize that an artist can’t awaken enough in today’s society. He is learning this lesson the hard way.

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