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Best Drama Award

As of Wednesday night, nothing was final when it came to five-star safety Peyton Bowen, who flipped from Notre Dame to Oregon (even though many predicted the flip would be Oklahoma) but never got a serve in the cards. There seems to be a difference of opinion as to where Bowen should go, and as the family makes it all clear, the three schools still seem to work. Even after that was settled, it was one of the two biggest stories of signing day.

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Error warning award

The other big story was five-star Cormanee McClain not signing. Miami expected that to happen and many of those close to Lakeland, Florida, were caught off guard, but his mom took to social media Wednesday to say a “false alarm” and that McClain wouldn’t put pen to paper. This could be a Colorado coach Deion SandersAn attempt to rob McClain or something else in the works? Still need to know.

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Four-star receiver Deandre Moore was on the press release from Bellflower (Calif.) for St. John Bosco signing Wednesday (no school mentioned) and has been committed to Louisville since late May. In recent weeks, however, Georgia and Texas had emerged as the main competitors in his drafting and it looked like the Longhorns were a bit ahead. But Moore did not attend the school’s press conference and now it is unlikely that he will sign early.

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Return to send award

There was a serious flirtation with Auburn—including multiple trips to the Plains—and four-star Langston Hughes of Fairburn (Georgia) snuck in on a late trip to Colorado that always draws attention.

But in the end, Bo Hughley stuck with Georgia.

Committed to the Bulldogs since September 2021, Hughley certainly played the recruiting game down the stretch and gave other teams hope, but the coup just wasn’t meant to be.



Close but no cigar prize

Just like Return To Sender, this award is given to someone who looked like an imminent flop but didn’t and that goes to Toni Mitchell. The difference here is while Hughley remained silent about his draft, after every trip Mitchell made, he talked about how he was still fully committed to Alabama. But multiple trips to Auburn made things look intriguing. A late trip to Texas A&M seemed like more of a reversal than possible.

A source said in the days leading up to Mitchell’s signing that “anything can happen”. What eventually happened was that the distinguished alabaster (ala) Thompson stuck to his original pledge.

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Believe it when we see an award

For months, Ohio State seemed to be the frontrunner for five-star defensive end Matteo Oyagalele. He liked the NFL player development there and the idea of ​​being coached by Larry Johnson And all that. But in recent weeks, whispers about Uiagalelei have been that USC has emerged as the favorite, and on Monday night, texts came in from sources saying the family had decided to pick the Trojans.

By Tuesday night, it was Oregon. At that point, who knew what to believe but the Ducks had the momentum heading into Wednesday and Oyagalele announced his coaching Dan Lanningclub.


Two awards

What’s better than an elite defensive lineman than Montgomery (Ala.) Carver? What about both of them? Group deals rarely work because it’s something players say early in the hiring process and then it’s faded and forgotten.

But James Smith and Jacavius ​​Russo of the Big Four were serious about playing together in college, and while Georgia, Florida, and Auburn especially made runs as Montgomery Carver’s standouts, it was Alabama that won in the end.


Don’t leave home without an award

Malachi Coleman committed to his hometown of Nebraska in mid-October but on December 1 reneged on that pledge and many Huskers fans thought he was headed elsewhere. new boss Matt Rowley Cleverly Lincoln (Neb.) made leading in the East a top priority when he got the job and over the past few weeks has brought Coleman back on board.

Rhule and the Huskers prevent the patriots from coming and robbing Coleman, who pays a last-second visit to Colorado but decides to stick it out again with the Huskers.

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Try the hard prize

As of Wednesday evening Colorado coach Debt Sanders It wasn’t an exceptional day compared to others who signed up for blockbuster classes – but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Travis Hunter will join him in Boulder, and other transfers will have a huge impact. Colorado may be in the process of flipping five-star quarterback Cormanie McClain. But that award goes to Sanders—at the last minute—for calling Hakeem Williams and trying to turn him around. Pledge five-star receiver Florida State wasn’t interested.


Volatility Award

When five-star quarterback Dante Moore flipped from Oregon State to UCLA in recent days, it was a real hit for the Ducks since Detroit star Martin Luther King committed from the summer and looked like a future star in Eugene.

But instead of crying into their beer, then-Baylor Oregon staff asked Austin Novosad to commit to visiting Austin Novosad this past weekend and on signing day he flipped from Bears to Ducks. He’s not as highly ranked as Moore but he’s not a second choice because Novosad is also a special talent.

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Second coup award

Elite four-star defensive end Kildrick Faulk highly praised the Florida State coach Mike Norville And his vision of the Seminoles at the Alabama/Mississippi All-Star Game looked like a lock he would end up in Tallahassee.

But Auburn kept pushing and pushing and on the final weekend before signing day, Highland visited Home, Ala. , both Florida and Auburn. Noles still seemed to be doing just fine, until Faulk flipped on the coach Hugh FreezeClub on Wednesday.



Five-star offensive tackle Kadyn Proctor has been committing at Iowa since the summer and was the star of the Hawkeyes season. He looked destined to be Iowa City’s next player before heading off to the NFL. But Alabama didn’t give up and last weekend before signing day, Proctor visited Tuscaloosa and flipped to the Crimson Tide on Tuesday.

On social media, in typical Midwestern fashion, Iowa fans were disappointed, but also wished Proctor good luck. It was a tough swallow for Iowa, but Alabama was thrilled by the news.

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