Witness Tory Lanez trial witness testifies to seeing woman fire first shot – report

The Tory Lanez trial has entered its seventh day with the defense bringing witnesses to the stand. On this day, Sean Kelly, a neighbor who witnessed the July 2020 altercation, testified to seeing a woman fire the first shot.

On Tuesday (20 December), Senior law and crime correspondent Megan Cuniff, who has been covering the trial since its inception, reported that defense witness Sean Kelly, who watched the altercation between Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion and Kelsey Nicole Harris from his window, testified that he saw a woman fire the first bullet. during the fighting. During his testimony, Kelly did not name any while recounting what he saw the night of the chaotic fight.

“Kelly said he woke up to a noise and saw two women violently fighting next to the car. He saw a flash and thought it was coming from one of the girls,” Conniff tweeted, adding his quote, “They were pulling their hair and hitting each other. It was very violent.”

Conniff continued, “Kelly said he saw the driver leave, dressed in all black, and joined the fray.” “Kelly was frightened, and told his son to come to his room. He testified several times that he saw a muzzle flash and heard what he thought were fireworks, but believed the flashes were from a woman.”

“Did you see a muzzle flash?” [Tory Lanez’s defense attorney George Mgdesyan] Requested. Kelly replied, “Yes,” Conniff wrote, and added, “At the same time the youngest individual got out of the car.” However, it got worse for Magdisian. The little guy “came out at the time, all screaming,” Kelly said.

Kelly would go on to explain what the “littlest man” was doing during the fight.

“I saw more flashes,” Kelly wrote on Twitter, after the youngest man got out of the car.
“He stuck to his testimony that the flashes started with ‘the girls,’ and said he had never heard anyone say, ‘Dance, bitch’ (which is what Meg testified to Tory before he opened fire).”

“Kelly said the shorter guy was really angry and was screaming,” Conniff continued. He said the flashes “came from him” but cautioned, “I’ve never seen a gun.”

Conniff added, “However, after all this, Kelly testifies over and over again that he believes a woman fired the first shot. I think I saw the girl fire first.” But he didn’t know she had a gun at that time. “I thought it was fireworks.”

But in a shocking twist, Kelly reportedly said he saw the “younger man” with a gun and then watched two people hit a woman who was on the ground, wounded.

That’s when Magdysian asked Kelly, ‘Sir, did you see the shorter man with a gun in hand?’ And Kelly replied, “Yeah,” Conniff tweeted. “Then everyone started hitting on one girl, and Kelly said to me, ‘Looks like they’re going to throw her in the river.'”

“It seemed to me when I was on the phone that they were trying to kill her,” Kelley said. He said he heard the driver say the police were coming, so they put the woman in the Escalade and left. Then came the cross. (All of the above are directly from Tory’s attorney.)[.]”

XXL Megan attorneys Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez, and Kelsey Harris have reached out for comment. The Los Angeles County District Attorney was also contacted for a statement.

Kelly’s harrowing testimony comes just days after Megan’s ex-girlfriend Kelsey Harris refused to answer any questions about Tori’s involvement on the night of the shooting, despite her being granted immunity by the prosecution. Harris also denied seeing Tori shoot Megan.

Megan Thee Stallion’s attorney, Alex Spiro, believes Harris endangered himself as a witness, either through threats or bribery.

Either way, it appears that the Tory Lanez trial never fails to provide stunning eyewitness testimony.

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