The Guilty Gear Strive hacks issue has reached a breaking point with the game rendered unplayable by operators and other users.

This latest R-Code exploit can crash the game or potentially lead to worse

In almost any other game, streaming sniping entails using live action to gain an unfair advantage, but there’s something much more dangerous about Guilty Gear Strive.

There is currently a very bad Guilty Gear Strive exploit in which some livestreamed and target players are reporting that hacks can be used to make the game completely unplayable.

Malicious programmers have come up with a way to alter a player’s R-code in real time, which can cause all sorts of problems depending on how deceived the person feels.

The main use of the exploit can cause the game to instantly freeze and crash during an online match for both players, requiring a hard reset to get out of it.

Moreover, some like the professional player Moist| Hotashi are reporting that the R-Code hack can cause a memory leak in the Strive client that hampers the game a lot, severely dropping the frame rate and making it functionally unplayable, even in training mode.

Some users also claim that hackers can imitate a player’s R code to send impersonation messages, which opens the door to a potential ban issue as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no real way to avoid these issues without playing completely offline, but attacks are largely focused on high-profile players – although technically anyone can be targeted.

Since Strive was updated to feature cross-platform play in December, this isn’t just a PC player issue, as some are reporting that the PlayStation versions of Guilty Gear could be affected by the exploit as well.

As of the time of this report, Arc System Works has not made an official statement on the matter, but Producer Shane Zack She tweeted earlier in the week, “Back at the office. See all the reports.”

This exploit makes it impossible to stream Strive without worry, but hackers can strike someone anytime they ever try to go online by following their profiles.

Far from being terrible for streamers, the timing is even worse for the entire competitive community because any online tournament is a potential target, and Frosty Faustings 15 is less than a month away as the last Arc World Tour qualifying event when training puts them at risk.

It is also important to note that the current R-Code exploit is Similar but still different hack One of the ones that appeared earlier in 2022 that caused communication outages by changing players’ names.

With ArcSys certainly aware of the exploit, we hope a patch arrives for elimination in the coming days/weeks, especially since any discussion or content creation for Strive has come to a halt.

Until then, streaming Guilty Gear Strive matches online is not recommended, and players should be careful about online play in general. It might also be a good idea to back up your saved data just in case.

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