Young Thug’s attorney says the biggest problem in the Ricoh case is that YSL members receive compulsory deals

In the wake of Gunna’s release from prison following his guilty plea in the YSL RICO case earlier this week, Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, said the biggest issue in the rapper’s extortion case is the YSL members pleading guilty to plea deals.

On Thursday (December 15), released an extended video of an interview they did with Young Thug attorney Brian Steel, who appears in their documentary series, Jeffrey: Young Thug from Fame to RICO Trial. In the clip, journalist Nima Abdullah Steele asked why Thug was targeted in his alleged case of violating the Racketeer Affected and Corrupt Organizations Act.

The veteran attorney has stated that he believes the biggest problem with the RICO case is that YSL members are running incriminating deals that incriminate Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams.

“It’s like an easy target,” Steele explained at 12:40 in the video below. “So, someone gets arrested and gets in trouble and wants to deal. Law enforcement officers are very eager to say, ‘Well, tell us about Mr. Williams. ‘” Is he involved in this? What do you know about him? “”

“This is the problem with this case,” he continued. “It comes from the words of people who get deals to say, ‘Yeah, he was there or you saw him around or he gave the order or you heard from someone else.'” He gave the order. “That’s what this case is about.”

“Oh, you’re not going to hear any confession from Jeffrey Williams,” he added.

Steele contends that because Young Thug is such a popular Atlanta celebrity, it’s easy for prosecutors to get other people to point fingers at him for the alleged crimes.

“When you target a very popular human being, you make it easier for the other person to say, ‘Oh, you mean I can be released from this place I don’t want to be?'” All I have to do is say do I know some Jeffrey Williams? He said, “This is very scary.”

On Wednesday (December 14), Gunna’s attorney Steve Sadow confirmed that XXL that the rapper has filed a plea from Alford for racketeering charges. The “Pushin P” artist was sentenced to five years in prison with a one-year suspended sentence.

Alford’s confession is reserved for defendants who do not admit to having committed a crime, but acknowledge that the state has sufficient evidence to prove their guilt. Gunna maintains that he did not tell anyone as part of his plea bargain.

However, many people on social media are suggesting that Gunna reported Thugger so he could get out of jail. However, Sadow clarified in a post on his Instagram page that Gunna did not tell us and his affidavit statement will not be used against any defendants in the YSL RICO case.

“He didn’t tell Jonah to get out of jail,” he wrote in his letter. “He said nothing and does not cooperate. His statement cannot be used in court against any other accused. So please stop spreading lies!!!”

Along with Gunna, YSL co-founder Walter Murphy W Slimelife Shawty, real name Wunnie Lee, She has also taken plea bargains.

YSL’s trial is set to begin on January 9, 2023. Prosecutors say they have more than 300 people willing to testify against the group.

Watch the full 11Alive documentary Jeffrey: Young Thug from Fame to RICO Trial below

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