‘Severance’ gets a cool vinyl mondo release for Innie & Outie [Exclusive]

Have you ever thought about what Innie would listen to and whether he would love you for it? Well now fans to cut No wonder! In a cool new set from Mondo, fans of the hit Apple TV+ series can take in the series’ soundtrack on November 23, which includes both an innie version (limited to 5,000 numbered copies housed inside a dedicated concertina desk folder) or an outie version (the initial outie versions are 5000 with slip bag).

The series that brings Adam Scott Back in the TV spotlight, he focuses on the Lumon Corporation and its showrunner, Effrance, which creates two personas for its employees: Sons and Limbs. The inner personality is the person who comes to work every day and does his job free from stress and turmoil in his personal life, and the outer person is you. So this set from Mondo will give both your body and cheeks time to shine!

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Innie version includes music by Theodore Shapiro and artwork Greg Roth With packaging concept by Hickman and Roth. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the limited edition of 5,000 CDs on classic black vinyl, you’ll see that it comes packaged inside a custom concertina desk folder and, for fans of the series, comes with a Music Dance Experience card. Standard security card. Egan bingo paper. Four character cards, a hidden map of the cut-off land, and Lumon’s disco bag” all for $60. The outie also includes music by Shapiro and a package designed by Hickman and Ruth but for $35 you get “white vinyl housed inside a spot-varnished folded gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Prepress comes laminated with a reverse 3/4 slip.”

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Spencer HickmanMondo’s Senior Music Creative Director shared his excitement for the new collection:

With fantastic world building, writing, directing, set design, acting and music, Apple TV+ to cut It is one of the special offers this year. And of course, Theodore Shapiro’s score for Severance is nothing short of amazing. At first it sounds plain and simple, but upon repeated listening, it turns out to be complex, rich, and detailed. Her haunting and unworldly melodies weave in and out of time and space. I was thrilled that Mondo released not one but two collector’s editions for fans of the show. (Would you choose the outie version or the innie special edition, only you can decide?) Myself and artist Greg Ruth were allowed to start designing the package, and it was incredible to have that freedom. We are honored to be able to add a little something to the world to cut We hope you choose Vinyl Soundtracks for your next musical dance experience. “

Amos NewmanSenior Vice President, Music at FIFTH SEASON shared similar enthusiasm about the release saying, “We’re very proud of the show, especially Teddy’s (Shapiro) soulful score. It’s great that the director and composer have such a short hand and such a great level of trust with each other.” Ben and Teddy’s long-running collaboration is truly something special, and the results are evident in Music for to cut.” Fifth Season Music, which is the music division of Fifth Season, which produces to cutcollaborated with Shapiro along with the creator Dan Erickson and Executive Producer and Director Ben StillerAnd the To make an audio clip an integral part of the series.

Whether or not you go through the impeachment program is up to you but at least now you can experience the thrill of working at Lumon (or at least the sound of it) from the comfort of your own home thanks to the Mondo collection arriving November 23! Honestly, at least with the innie version, you’re going to have a dancing moment of joy! Scroll down to see what each copy of the soundtrack includes:

to cut Apple TV + Original Series Soundtrack (Innie Edition)

  • Music by Theodore Shapiro
  • Artwork by Greg Roth
  • Packaging concept by Spencer Hickman and Greg Roth
  • A single 5,000-unit press is made on classic black vinyl and placed inside a custom concertina desk folder, which features the Musical Dance Experience Card, Standard Security Card, Egan’s Bingo Sheet, four Character Cards, a hidden map of the Nominated Land, and a disco lomon bag.
  • $60

to cut Apple TV + Original Series Soundtrack (Outie Edition)

  • Music by Theodore Shapiro
  • Artwork by Greg Roth
  • Packaging concept by Spencer Hickman and Greg Roth
  • There is a white vinyl inside a topical varnish gatefold sleeve with a printed inner sleeve. The pre-press comes packaged with a 3/4″ reversible slide case.
  • $35

Song list:

Side 1

  • headline
  • Love workers
  • kimono
  • Eagles Hall
  • Note to self
  • symbols
  • Expiration date
  • still shaking
  • Tree of the life
  • I did for the night

side 2

  • Secret places
  • between departments
  • After hours
  • batter
  • Fall safely
  • The four nerves
  • This is Eni
  • Coppell in Lomon
  • Alive

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