NASA says Perseverance is about to drop its first cache

The path taken by perseverance on Mars and the current location of the rover.

Almost two years ago (Does this That was a really long time?) NASA’s Rover has been cruising around the western edge of Mars’ Jezero crater, drilling through rocks and photographing the planet’s surface.

The main purpose of the vehicle is to collect rock samples of scientific interest that can be stored on the surface and Brought to Earth in 2033. NAh, rover team is finally determined Spot to drop its first cache of sAmbles.

Great the question is Whether life exists on Mars is why perseverance emerges at Jezero, a place where water once flowed. Rock samples are essential to investigate this question, as well as to better understand the geological makeup of the planet and how toHang up over time.

Billions of years ago, Jezero Crater is believed to have been a lake fed by Through the river delta. Scientists think so If life existed on Mars,They probably inhabited areas such as the Jezero Delta. This theory is based on where stromatolites – the oldest known life on Earth – lived about 3.45 billion years ago.

Perseverance is the collection of rocks and regolith (broken rocks and dust) from the western edge of Jezero Island and stored in sample tubes that will be left in a flat, unobstructed area called Three Forks. this is enEnsure easy access to tubes for futuristic spacecraft. So far, Perseverance has traveled more than 8 miles on the surface of Mars and collected 14 rock samples and air.

“NASA and the European Space Agency have reviewed the proposed site and Mars samples that will be deployed to this cache as soon as next month,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s Associate Director for Science at the European Space Agency. Release. “When the first tube is placed on the surface, it will be a historic moment in space exploration.”

The Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission Seems simple when you make it concise: OA new spacecraft will be launched To Mars, where you will land and pick up rock samples curated by the Perseverance rover team. Next, the spacecraft will deliver the samples to another spacecraft (European Re-Earth Orbiter) waiting above Mars, to obtain the sample.s’ Ultimate delivery down to earth.

Well writing everything down shows how many things have to go right to pull this off. But what an achievement it would be! With samples on Earth, scientists will be able to interrogate Martian soil and geology in ways that are impossible from afar—and if we’re very lucky, they might even find microfossils.. these They will be the first samples ever from another planet brought down to earth.

When you consider that the Earth Return Orbiter will be the largest Mars-orbiting spacecraft ever, with a wingspan more than twice the distance of the Orbiter Gas Tracking Orbiter and nearly three times the width of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, it makes for a fascinating historical process. .

Once the sample drop point is determined, the stage will be set for sample return. Couldn’t it already be 2033?

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