Top SmackDown Rumors: Surprisingly Released Superstar Despite Big Comeback Plans, Former WWE Champion To Defeat Gunther For The IC Title At WrestleMania – December 18, 2022

Welcome to another of SmackDown’s hottest rumors that could have a huge impact. We’ll take a look at some of the exciting stories revolving around blue brand superstars like Sasha Banks, Brock Lesnar, and former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose.

The wrestling world is reeling from the shock of Mandy Rose’s release from WWE just one day after she lost the NXT Women’s Championship after holding it for a record-breaking 400 days.

The company was allegedly unhappy with the type of NSFW content it posted to its FanTime page and chose to release it. Her main menu was supposed to be back soon.

#3. Mandy Rose was scheduled to return to SmackDown before her release

Toxic Attraction and Mandy Rose were slated for the SmackDown brand upon the arrival of their main rosters, however, WWE is discussing with Mandy Rose multiple options, as they do not want her to continue with Onlyfans.

Xero News reported that Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction are set to become part of the SmackDown roster after Rose lost the NXT Women’s Championship.

However, those plans were scrapped because WWE and Rose decided to part ways instead. Some reports indicate that Rose chose to continue her FanTime page and leave the Stamford-based promotion.

However, there are conflicting reports saying that The Golden Goddess was surprised and did not expect the company to abandon her.

Rose made a major name in NXT, and her return to SmackDown could have helped bolster the women’s division. Unfortunately, her amazing career in NXT now seems to be lost.

#2. Sasha Banks wanted to get paid like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

Another loss for WWE’s women’s division came when Sasha Banks refused to sign a new contract with the company as both parties could not agree on a payment.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Banks wanted to be paid a lot more than she currently was. She expected to be paid the same as Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

‘She was said to be looking for a number along the levels of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and those internally said she hadn’t given numbers close to that. They said that she is not seen internally as someone who will be at the top for the next five years.”

With WWE not agreeing to her terms, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion will be free to join another promotion in 2023. Reports said she has signed a lucrative deal with Bushiroad, NJPW’s parent company, and Stardom in Japan.

#1 Brock Lesnar can defeat Gunter for the IC Championship

Rumors have swirled that WWE is planning a match between Brock Lesnar and SmackDown Superstar Gunther at WrestleMania 39. first reported that such plans are being put in place by the company.

Now, Xero News has it advertiser that there are plans to not only have them face each other but to have The Beast Incarnate win his first Intercontinental Championship by defeating The Ring General.

There has been at least some small talk of Brock Lesnar winning the Intercontinental Championship from Gunther at WrestleMania.

Despite his legendary career, Lesnar has never won the prestigious IC Championship. While it could be argued that The Beast is past the point where it needs a mid-card title, one way to look at it is that it would be something entirely new.

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