Here’s what 9to5Google readers have chosen as the ‘Phone of the Year’ for 2022

The past 12 months have been relatively harmless for Android, but there have been high points. We asked you to rate it as our ‘Phone of the Year’ for 2022 and now we have a winner…

After hundreds of smartphone releases along with losing one big player in the guise of LG, we’ve narrowed the selection down to 27 of the biggest and best launched throughout 2022. In fairness, our shortlist included devices from all ends of the price range. Since this was our readers’ pick, I’ve picked your favorite devices of 2022.

Phone of the year 2022 – Google Pixel 7 Pro

It’s almost no surprise that the Google Pixel 7 Pro managed to compete to win our readers’ poll for Phone of the Year 2022. With 40% of the public vote, the Google Pixel 7 Pro has claimed the top spot award in our community poll for years.

Focusing on resolving some of the persistent issues that plague the Pixel 6 series, Google has made the Pixel perfect to the limits. Throw in some significant upgrades including the camera, fingerprint scanner, and even some tweaks to the display as well.

At $899, the Pixel 7 Pro hasn’t increased in price, but it’s better in almost every area. In our eyes, it’s a worthy winner.

Runner-up – Google Pixel 7

Pixel 7 Pro Macro Focus mode

With nearly 20% of our overall vote, the Pixel 7 came in second to the Pixel 7 Pro. Being second only to Google’s arguably biggest and best smartphone is no great shame. There are some benefits including a much cheaper asking price and a flat screen display.

There are some downgrades including a 90Hz display, lack of a dedicated telephoto lens, and smaller size. Being smaller than the competition is a major selling point and one of the main reasons we recommend the Pixel 7 as one of the best entry-level flagship phones on the market today.

Third place – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

public phone

Our readers took a worthy third place with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Earning 10% of the reader vote, the S22 Ultra is a hybrid that integrates Note series features such as the built-in S Pen. It does this while retaining all the trappings of the exceptional Galaxy S series phone including one of the best zoom cameras on a smartphone to date and superior update promises from the Korean tech giant.

All of this is backed up by Samsung’s flashy style with beautiful colors to choose from and one of the best displays on any smartphone to date. Despite its launch in the early part of 2022, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has been stuck up there as one of the best you can buy.

Fourth place – Google Pixel 6a

After the Google Pixel 6a capped off a simply fantastic year for Google, the lineup has wrapped up and only Samsung’s best products of 2022 prevent a clean sweep. With just over 6% of your vote, the 6a brings last year’s flagship Tensor processor and five years of security updates along with the first fingerprint scanner in an A-series device.

At $449, there are a few things tweaked to help accommodate the lower entry prices. The 60Hz display and the return of the dual 12MP rear cameras are notable. The glass is being replaced by polycarbonate, which makes the Pixel 6a cheaper than the Pixel 6 and 7 series.

5th place – none, phone (1)

none phone 1

The big shocker of our reader survey was the inclusion of Carl Bay’s first smartphone – Nothing Phone (1) – in the top five. With no US presence, this was a huge surprise. This is also the second mid-range phone to be voted into the top five in the 2022 “Phone of the Year” survey.

Powered by the Snapdragon 778G, the Phone (1) is definitely a mid-range Android phone but with a twist. The transparent body and lighting of the Glyph highlight the industrial design. All of this is backed by a lightweight Android architecture similar to the Pixel software experience.

At under $500, it’s a worthy alternative to the Pixel 6a — which made Nothing Phone (1) fourth in our “Phone of the Year” rankings with 6% of your votes for that phone.

Complete results

public phone

Do you agree with the Readers’ Choice Awards? Tell us which was your favorite phone of 2022 down in the comments section below.

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