Young Miami admits to knowing Diddy’s baby before it was made public

in her last episode Please, Karisha podcast, Yung Miami had a lot of personal questions for its special guest, G-Herbo. Thursday saw the season two premiere on REVOLT.

Aside from highlighting his new album, In the Beginning, Herb opened up about the ways life in tough Chicago neighborhoods may have contributed to the development of PTSD..

As time passed and the two friends continued to talk, the tone and depth of their conversation became more intimate.

Internet speculations about his children, relationships, infidelity, co-parenting, and alleged animosity between the mothers of his children are some of the things I explored. While most of the stress was on Herb, he did have a few questions in tuck Also.

In the end, it was his turn to put Karesha on the spot at the end of the episode. He went on to ask her some personal questions about her relationship with Didi to which the audience was eager to hear the answers.

“Did you know about this kid before October?” inquired Herb jokingly.

Young Miami smiled awkwardly before repeating his question.

“Did you do?” Herb asked.

“Yeah, I did,” Miami admitted freely. “I think communication is key. I feel when you’re dealing with someone; communication is key. It wasn’t a surprise.”

Earlier this month, Diddy announced that his daughter, Love Sean Combs, had been born. Although he omitted the mother’s name, as Blavity previously reported, the birth certificate identifying the new mother was obtained As Dana Tran, a 28-year-old cybersecurity specialist.

Many immediately referred to her as a “side chick” due to the timing of the news and the hip-hop mogul’s relationship with Young Miami. And I quickly stopped it, as did Pf.

The Akademiks, who had indicated that she was disturbed by the news, immediately came and described her as such. Caresha responded on Twitter, letting everyone know that she’s no one’s chick and that the information didn’t even bother her.

Their back and forth on Twitter continued for a while, and once her billionaire got wind of the nasty comments being made about “Shawty Wop,” Bad Boy’s CEO immediately addressed the naysayers..

Didi said on Twitter: “@yungmiami305 not a side chick”. “It never was, and never will be. It’s very important and special to me, and I don’t play about Shawty Whoop. I don’t discuss things on the Internet, and I’m not going to start today.”

And therefore Think what you want.” “But know that if you do something to hurt me, I I will do to come to your house and they were I will do We talk about it like humans. love.”

Miami recently gave an interview in which she confirmed that the two are totally in sync in their relationship.

“People think I’m like a side chick, and he does what he wants, and I just get over it. No, it goes both ways. There’s nothing one-sided here,” said the city girl..

Although their relationship has been in question from the start, they believe there is no cause for concern. Didi has been photographed holding and kissing his hand, spending time with several women over the past few weeks and seeing nothing wrong with his lifestyle..

While the internet seems to find that annoying, Karesha doesn’t seem to be reciprocated.

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