Eagles standings report: Week 16

Are power ratings completely stupid and meaningless? Yeah. yes they are. However, personally, when I see it, I click on it. Now that I have filled you with promises of many power ratings, you will read it and you will like it.

This is where people categorized birds after the 15th week. Oh, and here’s our version of those sale ratings, too.

NFL.com: 1st

Sometimes it’s just about taking care of work. The Bears put up more of a fight than expected, but it was no match for a Philadelphia team that made the big plays when necessary in a 25-20 win over Soldier Field. Jalen Hurts threw two interceptions in a game for the first time this season, but otherwise kept his MVP credentials legit with three rushing touchdowns—moves within one ground score of Cam Newton’s NFL single-season record for QBs. On Monday, it was learned that Hurts suffered a sprained shoulder that could keep him out of the Week 16 lineup with the Cowboys. Philly is now tasked with managing Hurts health as he tries to lock up the NFC’s top seed. A delicate dance for sure.

#JimmySays: Hurts has 13 rushing TDs. As noted above, he’s inside one Newton, who had 14 in 2011. The fate of the Eagles’ season may not be affected by Hurts’ injury, but it’s those other little things (like the prospect of breaking that record, etc.) that will.

ESPN: The first

Pleasant surprise: RB Miles Sanders

There was no doubt that Sanders was talented and capable of a big season, but the production — north of 1,000 rushing yards already with double-digit touchdowns — was a huge bonus for this offense, especially after he was kept out of the end zone for the entire 2022 season. He matured as a runner and ran more physically through contact. This, combined with good health, has allowed him to thrive behind one of the best offensive lines in football along with Jalen Hurts.

#JimmySays: ESPN has assigned a “pleasant surprise” to each team. I had already planned to list something like the Eagles’ 5 biggest upsets this season, because they have a lot. I think the easy but boring answer is pains. Brandon Graham’s highly productive season coming off a torn Achilles should be there as well.

Athlete: The first

ok ok ok. Just as it looked like the Eagles were about to dance to a top seed in the NFC and a possible three-week mini vacation before the divisional round, suddenly the season turned into some drama. Which, under the worry of Jalen Hurts’ sprained shoulder, is probably what makes Eagles fans most comfortable anyway. We’re talking about a quarterback’s shoulder injury, so nothing is guaranteed, even if Hurts completed 6 of 9 passes for 102 yards, including a 68-yard run to AJ Brown, in the fourth quarter win over the Bears after he suffered the injury. But with only one win (or one loss each from the Cowboys, Vikings, and Niners) needed for the top seed, Gardner Minshew has a chance to play champ while also testing out for a role elsewhere as a suspended free agent.

#JimmySays: Eagles fans would certainly rather not get hurt, but at the same time it’s really true that this city seems to enjoy heightened drama at times.

Competition: the first

The Eagles won their 13th game of the season on Sunday, but it may have come at a cost. The availability of upcoming Jalen Hurts is in doubt after he reportedly suffered a sprained right shoulder against the Bears. Initial reports described this as a short-term injury, but as of this writing, it’s not clear if he’ll be able to play against Dallas this week. The Cowboys opened home as a 1.5-point favorite but the streak turned Monday to -6 after news of Hurts’ injury. The Eagles are still the NFC favorites (160+) and only need one more win in the next three weeks to secure the top seed in the conference and a first-round bye. As long as Hurts is healthy enough to start when the postseason comes around, the Eagles will remain at the top of this list.

#JimmySays: The Eagles (+6) look crazy to me. Whether its quarterback is Jalen Hurts or Gardner Minshew, Dallas hasn’t shown to be a better touchdowner than the Eagles this season.

USA Today: 1st

Another win, and they’ll lock up the NFC East as well as a first round conference and home field advantage. If that happens Saturday in Dallas, Philadelphia could face a challenging month trying to manage player health while staying sharp enough not to fall flat when the divisional round rolls around.

#JimmySays: If by “outrageous challenge” they mean “league envy,” then yes.

Yahoo: 1st

We will now assume that Jalen Hurts will return in the playoffs from a shoulder injury. Philadelphia is in no real danger of losing the No. 1 seed, considering they have a three-game lead over the Cowboys and a two-game lead over Minnesota with a head-to-head tiebreaker in hand. This would give Hurts four weeks off before the Eagles’ first game, if necessary. Even assuming Hurts will be healthy, going nearly five full weeks between games and then getting into the playoffs isn’t ideal. We’ll see where that goes, but it’s not good news for Philadelphia’s Super Bowl hopes.

#JimmySays: If the Eagles need to count on running a little early in their first playoff game, they can do it, because offense can do anything. But no matter what, Hurts won’t forget how to play. He will be fine.

CBS: 1st

It wasn’t pretty against the bears, but they found a way. Jalen Hurts’ shoulder injury puts a damper on this victory as they are ready to play the Cowboys.

#JimmySays: CBS with analysis, as always.

Average strength rating for the above seven media

  1. Week 1: 10.9
  2. Second week: 8.1
  3. Week 3: 5.0
  4. Fourth week: 2.6
  5. Fifth week: 1.9
  6. Sixth week: 2.0
  7. Seventh week: 1.9
  8. Eighth week: 1.9
  9. Ninth week: 1.7
  10. Week 10: 1.0 🧹
  11. Week 11: 1.6
  12. Week 12: 1.7
  13. Week 13: 1.6
  14. Week 14: 1.0 🧹
  15. Week 15: 1.0 🧹
  16. Week 16: 1.0 🧹

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