Tesla sells display and test units due to high demand: report

Recent reports indicated that Tesla has begun selling display and test drive units in North America due to strong demand. The company’s efforts come amid offering new incentives for its cars, such as a $7,500 discount for American customers if they decide to receive their new car by the end of December 2022.

Tesla’s efforts to drive more sales this quarter using discounts is a bit of a deviation from the company’s typical strategies. While Tesla has often made price adjustments for its cars, the company doesn’t usually offer discounts at all. However, given Tesla’s goals this year, it’s not surprising that incentives are now being used to drive more sales.

The electric car maker’s new strategies were initially reported by an electric car enthusiast blog Electric, which claimed that Tesla had authorized several of its North American locations to allow the sale of experimental vehicles. The blog also claimed that Tesla stock was declining in the US.

Unofficial trackers of available Tesla inventory, such as EV-CPO Hunter, indicating that the company’s stock is running out in several regions around the world. Unofficial tracker estimates, for example, say there are only 120 Model 3 and 168 Model Y left in the United States, including used vehicles. This indicates that Tesla’s demand for its electric cars remains strong, despite the influx of competition.

Tesla noted that it aims to show growth of around 50% this year in terms of deliveries. Amid challenges in China, which has brought a large portion of the country’s Covid-19 lockdowns, the company noted on its third-quarter earnings call that it expects to post growth of just under 50% by the end of the year.

“As we look ahead, our plans show that we are on track to achieve 50% annual growth in production this year, although we are tracking supply chain risks that are outside our control. In terms of delivery, we expect growth to be just under 50% due to The increase in cars in transit at the end of the year, as mentioned above. This means that, again, you should expect a gap between production and delivery in the fourth quarter, and those cars in transit will be soon delivered to their customers when they arrive at their destination in the first quarter.”

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Tesla sells display and test units due to high demand: report

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