How to tune your guitar with google tuner


To tune your guitar, search Google for “google guitar tuner”. In the applet that appears, click or tap the microphone icon to give microphone permissions, then play each guitar string you want to tune, tuning until Google shows you’ve hit the right note.

Need to tune your guitar? Tuner apps can be expensive, and forgetting an actual tuner at home is the last thing you need when you’re about to get the party started. The free Google Guitar Tuner is a find away in your browser and can work very well when necessary.

How to search for Google Guitar Tuner

To access the Google Tuner, start by opening your browser. We tested using both Safari and Chrome. Go to the Google search page, type google guitar tuner in the search bar, and click or tap the search button. This applet should appear at the top of your search results.

Google Guitar Tuner is at the top of the search results

In our testing, simply typing “guitar tuner” didn’t cause the applet to be called. This differs from other applets, such as Google Calculator, which will appear at the top of search results even if you just search for “calculator”.

How to use Google Tuner

Before using Google Guitar Tuner, you will have to grant website microphone permissions. You will see the message “Press microphone to start tuning”. Tap or click the microphone icon.

Google Guitar Tuner microphone button

You should see a popup asking for permission to use your microphone. Select “Allow” to continue.

Google Guitar Tuner microphone permission prompt

You should now see a message in Google Tuner that says “Listen,” which means the app is ready to help you tune your guitar.

Google Guitar Tuner displaying the

Play the open string you want to pick, and the tuner will display the note it is currently tuned to. In this case, we’re tuning the low E string (in EADGBE standard tuning), and Google Guitar Tuner shows we’re a little off there. If you use overdrive or distortion, turn them off for better results.

Google Guitar Tuner displays an E note out of key

Tune the string up or down as needed until the tuner shows you are on the correct note with a green arrow.

Google Guitar Tuner shows a correct E note

Keep in mind that Google Tuner is a chromatic tuner. In other words, it will be tuned to any note in Western music notation. At the time of this writing, there is no option to set it to a specific guitar tuning, so you’ll have to figure out which pitch you want to tune and whether it’s higher or lower than the currently displayed note.

How accurate is Google Guitar Tuner?

You may be wondering if you can trust Google Tuner to tune it accurately. In practice, the quality of your device’s microphone may affect how accurate the tuner app can be. But since it listens for a simple frequency, it should work properly on almost any device.

We used Google Tuner along with the popular GuitarTuna app, the built-in tuner for acoustic guitar, and the tuner’s built-in multi-effects pedal. They all returned exactly the same result as the Google Tuner applet, so we’re confident it’ll work well enough for all but the most discerning musicians.

Once you’ve tuned your guitar, why not Google “metronome” for their little metronome program? It’s the perfect tool for practicing your scales, and like Google Guitar Tuner, it’s completely free to use.

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