Twitter abruptly rescinded its “policy” that banned links to competing social media sites

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Twitter has Once repeatedly They rushed to roll back an aggressive new policy less than a day after it was introduced. Victim of the Week: Elon Musk’s sudden decision to block external links to other social media sites.

For anyone still catching up, Twitter on Sunday posted a dossier Blog post since deleted Saying that it will no longer allow, “the free promotion of certain social media platforms” on its site. This ban covered not only accounts created in order to create ads, but also, crucially, it would have applied to content linked to Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr, and Post at the “tweet and account level”. This means that the policy would have prohibited both tweets, including links to other websites and links placed in user account names or bios. The sudden shift came just days after Twitter launched Application a, “Potentially harmful” label for its emerging competitor mastodon.

Twitter, when it’s not being used by trolls Bully Marginalized groups and filth around the daily news has been, and remains at its core, a platform for shameless self-promotion. It’s no surprise, then, that a large number of users immediately backtracked on Twitter’s new engagement policy. Musk personally responded to one of those critical tweets on Sunday asking the user to give upNoR proposal for a new policy. After some back and forth from angry users saying they could no longer associate with their own companies under the rules, Musk backtracked and quickly announced a replacement.

“The policy will be amended to only suspend accounts when the *primary* purpose of that account is to promote competitors, which basically falls within the no spam rule,” Musk tweeted. The CEO followed that up with another tweet saying that the vote, presumably on Twitter’s rudimentary polling feature, will happen for major policy changes in the future.

Shortly after Musk backtracked, a separate Twitter account called Twitter Safety released its own tweet Check if the platform should, “Have a policy against creating or using existing accounts for the primary purpose of advertising on other social media platforms?” At the time of writing, a resounding 86.9% of respondents voted against Enter such a rule.

Things are more confusing than ever, Musk published A tweet just hours before the “policy” went into effect appears to defeat its entire purpose. In it, Musk said that “sharing occasional links is fine,” but went on to denounce competitors’ “relentless propaganda for free,” which he called ridiculous.

As mentioned by some of the users who responded to Musk’s tweet, the inherently subjective nature of this opinion makes it inherently subjective to base a policy on it. This subjectivity opens Twitter’s new rules to the same criticism of Musk’s inconsistency and arbitrariness and of so-called freedom of expression. The divorced He surrendered to the previous company leadership. In other words, the world is watching again, in real time, as it is One of the richest men in the world He learns how hard it really is to run a social media company.

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