14 must have items from twitter office supply sale

The exterior of Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco with the large twitter sign in the foreground.

Directly from Twitter, interested parties can bid on a large “@” symbol planter and a large wooden blue bird logo on Twitter.
picture: Nate Hovey (Clash)

“Does this spark joy?” order it Famous Japanese advisor Marie Kondo as a way of thinking about organizing cluttered living spaces. The best way to find out what “sparks joy,” Kondo said, is to feel the object in your hand, and then see if you feel relief with just that simple act.

Billionaire Elon Musk took that mindset to the next level when he finally took to Twitter in October. He spent months trying to back out of the deal. then, Rumors convoluted about whether the Tesla and SpaceX owner would cut staff, as he has been known to run spartan and hard-pressed crews at his other companies. It was only when Musk finally had the social media firm in his hands, rolling it around his palm and squeezing it like a stress ball, that he did. An estimated 3,700 people were cut offor somewhere around 50% of its global workforce, obviously Do not find Much of it “sparked joy”.

Now comes the fallout. Twitter is looking to offload some of its “surplus” office assets, including everything from an oversized wood blue bird figurine to a large barista-scale espresso machine. On the page Being hosted by auction house Heritage Global Partners, there are quite a few wooden lounges and rocking chairs up for sale with starting bids of just $50. There also appears to be plenty of kitchen equipment, including multiple refrigerators and even a vegetable dehydrator, which would be useful for a large number of employees, if – in fact – Twitter still has that many employees.

Musk owes not quite a few Major financial institutions and big name investors Quite a lot for his $44 billion Twitter buyout, though, an HGP representative said luck That auction “has nothing to do with it [Twitter’s] Financial situation.” He further told the outlet, “If anyone really thinks that the proceeds from the sale of two computers and a chair will pay for the mountain there, then they are an idiot.”

Fair enough, because even if each of the 966 items on sale went for an astronomical $1 million, that would put Musk $43.69 billion in the red. Gizmodo reached out to Twitter to ask why these items were being put up for auction, but we haven’t received a response.

However, it begs the question what does a company with fewer employees need with all these things? Musk has already converted several of the old conference rooms at his San Francisco headquarters into… Lodge style bedrooms. City officials in the Building Inspection Department have said publicly that they will Investigation Whether Twitter HQ is legally allowed to have bedrooms within its workspace, something Musk himself found particularly irritating when he called out Mayor London Breed to go after “companies that provide beds for tired employees rather than making sure children are safe from fentanyl,” As if the City Buildings Department is also responsible for drug policy.

The auction is set to begin on January 17 next year, though beware that buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping. While most of them are for companies to bid on, we’ve listed a few of the more interesting bids that the Twitter mini-company is losing to the world.

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