Tom has just revealed that he’ll be alone in a hotel for his first birthday without Giselle – it’s an emotional “new experience”.

After their highly publicized divorce, many football fans are wondering: What are Tom Brady’s Christmas plans?

Tom Brady and his ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen, announced their divorce on October 28, 2022. Tom posted an Instagram story with the caption, “In recent days, my wife and I have finalized our divorce from each other after 13 years of marriage. We came to this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together. We have been blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way. We will continue to work together as parents to ensure they always receive the love and attention they deserve. We came to this decision to end our marriage after much thought. Doing so is of course painful and difficult, as is For the many people who are going through the same thing every day all over the world.However, we wish only the best for each other as we pursue any new chapters in our lives that have yet to be written.We kindly ask for privacy and respect as we navigate what lies ahead in the days and weeks ahead.Thank you .”

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How will Pirates star Tom Brady celebrate Christmas?

What are Tom Brady’s Christmas plans?

What are Tom Brady’s Christmas plans? in a new episode of his podcast Let’s go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray The 45-year-old midfielder revealed his plans for the next two days. “It’s going to be a new experience that I’ve never had before and I’m going to learn to deal with it. And I think that’s what life is about. So I just popped a question about what have I learned from this football season? I’m going to learn how to handle Christmas Eve in a hotel, and I’ll be Having to learn how to handle Christmas Eve and Christmas, and still get out there and be a pro,” he said on the podcast Monday, December 19, before his game against the Arizona Cardinals on Christmas Day. “And then I look forward to celebrating Christmas with my kids the next day. Which is, you know, just part of what football season has been like for a long time. So, again, it’s the emotional aspects that allow us to thrive.”

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“I’m fine. It’s just the truth,” Brady said of Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. There is not much explanation. Unfortunately, I’ve had to do a lot of that this year. So just learn from it and try to be better. And obviously I got up at 3:00 this morning trying to figure out, you know, I just had some real dirty play yesterday at the end of the day. So you can’t win when the quarterback flips it four times. And this is on me. So that’s how I feel.”

Photo: Eakin Howard/Getty Images.

Photo: Eakin Howard/Getty Images.

The model and Super Bowl champion of the year has opened up with some jitters since his decision to retire from the NFL. Tom announced his retirement in February 2022, only to withdraw his retirement statement one month later to once again play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A source confirmed to Us Weekly in September 2022 that there was “tension” between the couple after he reneged on announcing that he would hang up his shoes permanently. “Giselle wasn’t happy when Tom retired from the NFL after such a short time,” the insider said. The couple finalized their divorce on Oct. 28, 2022. “The settlement has been fully settled,” an insider told People at the time. “They’ve been working on the terms all this time.” The source continued, “They agreed on joint custody of the children.”

The former couple bought the property in Indian Creek Island which is a gated community that has its own security and police. Tom and Giselle were in the process of building their “dream” mansion on the island. However, due to a divorce and damage from Hurricane Ian, construction on the property has been put on hold New York Post. It is also believed that after the divorce, Tom will keep the property.

Gisele wrote a similar note on her Instagram story announcing the divorce. She wrote, “With so much gratitude for our time together, we have amicably finalized our divorce. My priority has always been and always will be my children whom I love with all my heart. We will continue co-parenting to give them the love, care, and attention they need. The decision to end a marriage is never easy, but we have parted ways.” And although, of course, it’s hard going through something like this, I feel blessed for the time we spent together and always wish Tom the best.”

Immediately after the divorce, Tom went on his podcast, Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray to talk about his work-life balance with his family. He and Gisele share two children together, their own: Benjamin Ryan, 12, and Vivian Lake, 9. The quarterback also has one child with ex Bridget Moynihan: John “Jack” Edward, 15. Gisele works as a stepmother. “I think there are a lot of professionals in life who go through things they deal with at work and deal with at home,” he said. “Obviously the good news is that it’s a very friendly situation and I’m really focused on two things, taking care of my family and certainly my kids, and secondly, doing the best job I can to win football games.” He continued, “That’s what professionals do. You focus on work when it’s time to work, and then when you get home you focus on the priorities at home. Whatever you can do is the best you can do. That’s what I will continue to do as long as I work and as long as I was a father.”

Speaking of family, Tom gushed about his daughter being the “No. 1 Cheerleader” on another episode of Let’s Go! after his divorce. “My daughter always says, Dad, you don’t have a happy face on the outside.” I try! I wish I had more awareness of what a frown looks like, but I’m doing my best to try to get to a better place and have a better peace of mind.”

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