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Written by Adam Lucas

1. This was a huge win in a great environment for North Carolina. In a classic, old-school, one way or another, victory while not looking likely, the Heels beat Ohio State, 89-84 in overtime. Carolina came back from 11 down in the second half (and 14 in the first) to do just that.

2. Incredible execution by the Tar Heels in the last two seconds of regulation trailing by two seconds. With a timeout to work with, Carolina threw the ball RJ Davis In the middle of the court is called timeout (the play they practice regularly). Then, with Ohio State expecting the Heels to go for a three-pointer with 1.2 seconds left, Black threw a slick pass to Nance’s housewho drained a jumper at the buzzer to send the game into overtime.

3. Carolina’s defensive pressure changed the game in the second half. In the bottom of the tenth, he pressed the heel into the backcourt, didn’t guard the inside and used it instead Nance’s house As another defender to cover the ball defenders. It overwhelmed Ohio State and led to three quick turnovers on four possessions, which Carolina immediately converted into a seven-pointer to get back into the game.

4. For much of the day, Carolina didn’t shoot well from the three-point line. The frustrating part was that the Tar Heels missed some open shots that they should have taken. Just sink the goal with wide-open three-pointers—and it wasn’t just one player, three different types of heels that missed a big three-pointer—and it’s a whole different game. The balance was such that Ohio State left several points hanging at the free throw line, including a few forward ends in one-on-one situations. OSU finished 6-for-1 only from the streak. But Ohio State only made one open three-pointer they had to make—Zed Key hit him with less than a minute to play. This is the same shot Karolina has had on so many occasions that she never got in.

5. Armando Pacote He was solely responsible for keeping Carolina in the game in the first half. During a stretch when Carolina was battling mightily off the field, Pacotte went 6-for-10 in the first half and scored 16 of his 35 first-half points from the Tar Heels. He had UNC’s only field goals nearly the full 14 minutes off the clock in the first half. Backout finished with 28 points and 15 rebounds in an impressive effort.

6. The heels felt like they lost time and score after going 75-74 on the clutch RJ Davis Three pointers with just over a minute to go in regulation. After a big stop for Swing, leaky black A three-pointer lunge less than ten seconds on the shot clock. You would love to: 1. use more watch and 2. get a better shot in this position. The error was compounded by OSU scoring on its next two possessions.

7. Karolina tried some wrinkle to slow down the Buckeye offense in the first half. This included a trap attempt to rush Ohio State, but ended in an open three-pointer to Bruce Thornton.

8. On a day when every heel tar is different Caleb Love He struggled on the three-point line, so why wouldn’t it be Black who sank a big point? The Lions hit a third layup with less than five minutes to play and it was the first trifecta from any heel other than Love. This seemed to open up Carolina’s perimeter game, as Davis also had a big late game.

9. Two good coaches work in the final sequence of the first half. OSU’s Chris Holtman called timeout to set up a play, and the Buckeyes got a basket from Justice Sueing (though they didn’t go two-for-one, which is always confusing). Then OSU moved into the zone, a smart move they didn’t show their full half, but Carolina chipped it clear and got the RJ Davis-to-Bacot slam. Unfortunately, the series ended with Sueing’s triple-pointer, Ohio State’s seventh triple-and-half — the same total they’ve averaged for an entire game this season.

10. THE CBS SPORTS CLASSIC HAS MOVED IN HISTORY THAT SATURDAY MARKS THE FIRST VISIT TO Madison Square Garden. Most of the former stops have seen an influx of Kentucky fans, as the Wildcats are known for their basketball travels. This year, though, Tar Heel fans put on a huge show in New York, a gentle reminder of the importance of this region to Carolina basketball. Hubert Davis He made it a priority to play not just in New York, but in the park, whenever possible — the Heels will be back here next year.

11. The details are pretty minor, but with Ohio State wearing scarlet jersey and Carolina wearing blue, Saturday’s game was a rare (and incredibly attractive) matchup between the colors.

12. Carolina is now 30-11 at their current Madison Square Garden facility. Saturday was an electric, pro-Carolina vibe. It’s easy to see why Hubert Davis He wants to come back here.

13. Exact change from before Hubert Davis After, after Armando Pacote He missed the Virginia Tech game due to an injury. Nance’s house He took all subsequent jump balls and had a much better success rate. He won the opening tip on Zed Key but lost it in overtime.

14. An encouraging sign: Ohio State clearly wanted to make it a physical game. It worked in the first half, but Carolina fought back again in the second half and held on. The Tar Heels won the overall rebounding battle, 48-42, had more offensive rebounds (16 to 14) and won the second chance points battle, 14-9.

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