Openers: Swanson, Blue Jays, Padres

On the heels of a day when we saw yet another major signing, here are three things we’ll be watching in baseball throughout the day.


for a few days now, Dansby Swanson They were the last of the four-star shortstops to hit this off-season free agent market to still be available. Now with left-handed Carlos Rodon Headed to the Yankees on a six-year deal, Swanson is the last top-tier free agent at any position. He is one of only two players still on the market to be ranked in the top 20 of the MLBTR’s Top 50 free agents at the start of the season, joining No. 15. Andrew Benintendi. Swanson appears to be well positioned, with teams such as the Cubs, Twins, and Red Sox, who are missing out on other top free agents they have sought, potentially in the market alongside the current Braves. MLBTR readers voted the Cubs, Braves, and Twins (in that order) as Swanson’s top touchdown spots in yesterday’s poll.

2. When will the Blue Jays look to move catcher?

The Blue Jays have been open to dealing with one of their catchers throughout the postseason, and with the free agent market getting smaller by the day, the Jays catchers are the hottest options left in the trade or free agent markets. The latest developments, Omar Narvez He agreed to a deal to join the Mets yesterday, and Mike Zunino I landed with the Guardians just a few days ago. with Tucker Barnhart And the Austin Hedges Now among the best options left behind the plate, it wouldn’t be surprising that needy teams have begun to explore a trade with Toronto more aggressively. Cubs need a catcher to pair with Jan Gomez After, after Wilson Contreras He left for St. Louis, while the Astros were finalists for the Contreras and had an interest in a trade for Shaun Murphy, indicating that they are candidates for balancing a trade with the Blue Jays as well. Perhaps the most interesting partner would be the Diamondbacks, who were said to have been interested in Murphy and have a handful of ready big-league outfielders who could provide some much-needed balance to their overwhelmingly right-handed lineup.

3. Will San Diego’s aggressiveness continue?

San Diego has been one of the most aggressive league teams in years, and they didn’t change that this season when they signed Xander Bogaerts for an 11-year deal last week. However, it seems possible that more additions could be made to influence the team before Opening Day. The Padres, for example, were reported to be right-wing finalists Chris Bassett, who eventually signed with the Blue Jays to a three-year deal. It was a logical chase for San Diego; Despite the strong trio Yo DarwishAnd the Joe MusgroveAnd the Blake Snellthe back of the spin – which currently consists of Nick Martinez And the Adrian Morrigon – He has question marks. additional start, ie Nathan Ivaldi or Corey Kluber, he could hit one of them in the bullpen and harden the spin. The monks also seem interested in adding an angled club in the corner, using Jose Azúcar Currently expected to work regularly in left field. However, the recent trade has depleted San Diego’s once-star farm system, and Roster Resource has already predicted the Padres a tier two luxury tax for 2023, complicating their path to promotions. However, President of Baseball Operations AJ Preller has proven time and time again that he should never be left out of making another major move to improve his club.

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