Summary of episode 25 of “The Voice”: Who was crowned the winner of “Live Finale, Part 2”? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

The top five contestants sang their hearts out for America’s final vote on Monday on the “Live Finale, Part 1” episode of “The Voice.” Tonight, host Carson Daly Reveal the winner. The star-studded finale features specials from chart-topping artists Ken BrownAnd the Kelly ClarksonAnd the MalumaAnd the one republicAnd the Adam LambertAnd the Breland And last season’s champions A girl named Tom.

Fitness Trainer Blake Shelton Hopes the bodyAnd the Bryden Lab or Brice Leatherwood It will bring him a record ninth championship. Junior coach Camila Cabello She hopes to win on her first try with Morgan MilesWhile John legend He has a shot at his second win with Omar Jose Cardona. Gwen Stefani: famous American singer He failed to coach any artist to the finals this season.

We see 30% of The Voice fans say Bodhi (Team Blake Shelton) deserves to win season 22 [POLL RESULTS]

Below, read a minute-by-minute recap of “The Voice” Season 22, Episode 25 to find out what happened Tuesday, December 13 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. Then be sure to talk in the comments section about your favorite longtime NBC reality TV show artists, who the coach you’re rooting for and who you think will eventually join the list of winners on “The Voice” season 22. Here are the team’s current distributions:

Team legend: Omar Jose Cardona

Team Gwen: 😩

Camila Team: Morgan Miles

Blake Team: the bodyAnd the Brice LeatherwoodAnd the Bryden Lab

We see The Voice winners: All seasons

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9:00 pm – “Previously on ‘The Voice’!” The top five artists performed an up-tempo song and song for America’s Vote. Tonight, The Voice shield and $100,000 prize will be presented. Let’s go!

9:04 p.m The night before the results were announced, it began with a duet between Blake and Price on Blake’s song “Hillbilly Bone”. To emphasize the fun atmosphere of the song, they set the stage with camping chairs and dancers with red single cups in their hands.

9:12 p.m Next was a dazzling performance of “I’m Not Worried” by the audience one republic.

9:19 p.m John called it “Problem” when he realized he would be singing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” alongside Omar, the artist he referred to as The Vote all season. John and Omar shined on stage in their suits, they had so much energy together and you can see how much respect John has for him as an actor.

9:28 p.m – In memory of those who died in the Colorado Springs mass shooting last week and in support of the LGBTQ community, Adam Lambert She sang a hauntingly beautiful rendition of “Ordinary World”.

9:33 p.m – ridicule the worst clown of the season, Howie Mandel She appeared in a segment with Camila teaching her how to be funny on television. We’ll see him next month when “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” premieres on January 2nd!

9:35 p.m Once the stage was re-equipped with the glowing lights of his native Colombia, Maluma He has performed mashups of his songs “Junio” and “Tukoh Taka”, the latest of which is the 2022 FIFA World Cup fan anthem.

9:45 p.m – Returning to the stage after winning last year’s cup, A girl named Tom They distributed a quiet “One More Christmas,” a novelty holiday song written as a dedication to their father.

9:54 p.m – The next coach-artist duo was Ben Brayden and Blake in the honky-tonk jam “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow”. Brayden hinted in the packaging that Blake treated him like a little brother all season, including teasing him about his “heart attack”.

10:03 p.m Morgan and Camila build a sisterhood over the course of the season, bonding over Camila’s own experience competing on a singing competition show. Because of this, Camilla invited Morgan to join her in singing her hit song “Never Be the Same” in the duet moment.

10:14 p.m – Singer-songwriter and upcoming country artist Breland Join in the festivities for his song “For What It’s Worth” from his debut album.

10:17 p.m – After a wild claim from Carson that they’re “best friends for life,” John and Blake appear in a sketch titled “The Odd Couple,” a spoof with a holiday twist.

10:21 p.m Blake returned to the stage for the third time of the night to perform the electro hit “The Different Man” with the country star Ken Brown.

10:30 pm Convinced he joined his squad to look cooler, Blake clearly has a lot of crushes on his body. Blake was then surprised when the bodie asked them to perform his song “God’s Country” in their duet.

10:40 p.m Everyone’s favorite coach (who will be back in the chair next season) Kelly Clarkson The star-studded performances closed out with an epic version of the holiday track “Santa, Can’t You Hear Me”. And after Kelly’s song, we saw the finale of “Weirdest Couple”.

10:48 p.m Turning to action, Carson brought the finalists to the stage to announce that the fifth-placed artist was Bryden Lab.

10:51 p.m – The status of the fourth artist was Omar Jose Cardona.

10:57 p.m — For the final announcement, Carson informed us that the winner on “The Voice” was Brice Leatherwood! There was no announcement as to whether Morgan Miles or the body She finished second, so they both got second place.

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