Spider-Man 4: The first look at John Malkovich’s Vulture wings has been revealed

What if Iron Man Was it a box office bomb? What if 20th Century Fox bought the movie rights to more Marvel heroes? What if it was Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 4 never canceled? While comic book movie fans are enjoying the golden age of superhero projects right now, there are plenty of branch timelines in the multiverse that would dramatically reshape the landscape of Hollywood T-shirts and socks. One of the closest if it comes in the form of the aforementioned Spider-Man 4which director Sam Raimi developed for over a year before it was finally scrapped.

Not only did the canned Fourquel spend 365 days in the writers’ room, he was also given a release date, an elaborate script, and an actor assigned to the main antagonist. John Malkovich is in talks to portray the first live-action iteration of Adrian Toomes, better known as The Vulture. Malkovich would even confirm his casting himself with just 24 hours before the movie was canceled outright.

While fans didn’t get to see Malkovich take to the skies over New York City, the first glimpse of his wings was revealed. Author and illustrator Ken Benders shared a photo of the eagle Spider-Man 4 On social media, he revealed that he had kept this photo hidden for over a decade.

Before Toby and Sam were pitched by Sony, Benders wrote, work had already begun on SPIDER-MAN 4, and I visited friends who were working on a custom Vulture costume for actor John Malkovich. Delivered. I’ve sat on this for about 15 years. “

These metal gliders are closer in line with what Michael Keaton used Spider-Man: Homecoming A feathered wing that the character uses regularly in Marvel Comics. The exact origins of Malkovich’s eagle remain unknown, but based on the similarities between its wings and the ones Keaton will use in the 2017 wall-crawler movie, there’s a chance elements of Toomes’ canned backstory will be repurposed for the final Marvel Cinematic Universe. appearance.

After both Maguire and Raimi returned to Marvel last calendar year, fans were hoping they would Spider-Man 4 It could become a reality one day. While it’s a never-say-die scenario, Raimi shed light on why the project was abandoned in the first place during Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Press tour.

“I thought I made a little compromise on Spider-Man 3 and really wanted to give back to the audience on Spider-Man 4 and make the best Spider-Man ever,” Raimi said earlier this year. And I wasn’t able to get the script together at that time. So I told Sony, ‘I think you’d better go ahead with the planned alternate Spider-Man story, because I don’t want to let the audience down.'”

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