‘It’s about as good as it gets’: Minnesota Twins unveil redesigned uniforms

The Minnesota Twins unveiled new uniforms on Friday featuring a new home, away and alternate look as well as a new secondary cap and revamped font.

“It’s the culmination of an evolution our organization has gone through,” said Joe Bohlad, Twins’ executive vice president. “It’s a visual representation of that. We haven’t made a major change to our uniforms and signs in some time and we haven’t had an overhaul in our signs since 1987. It seemed like the right time.”

The Twins aimed for a streamlined outfit that incorporated elements from different eras of the franchise. One of the driving forces behind the redesign came from a generational shift in how fans consume baseball.

“There are a lot of ways fans interact with their teams on their mobile phones, so we sought to create uniforms and markings that could be read on both physical and digital media,” Wolff said.

The new home shirt features the Twins script across the box which no longer has a shade or multiple colours, now written only in red. In addition, the Twins’ “win” is emphasized, a tradition introduced when Minnesota won the World Series in 1987. The away uniforms also feature pinstripes, which were previously only on the alternate uniforms from 2010-2018.

“The goal is to create something timeless and the measure of success is longevity,” said designer Matthew Wolfe, who grew up as a Twins fan. “The longer a logo lives, the more successful it will be. With the uniform, City Connect is relevant and current. But when you talk about the core identity of a team, it’s meant to be built to last.”

The uniform also features a new cap with a white “M” and a red flag for the North Star, an emblem now used on all four of Minnesota’s sports teams. The “M” cap marks the first time since 2013 that the team has worn a cap displaying the letter.

“Hat M has such a strong passion about it that when we had discussions, we talked about bringing it back,” Pohlad said. “But we didn’t want to spoil a good thing. We wanted to make the next thing.”

Home wrap features a Minnesota Navy silhouette with a red North Star at the location of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

In addition, the twins offer a new alternate outfit with a cream base and “Twin Cities” writing across the chest. The cream contrasts with the navy blue and navy blue hat to complete the look.

For Wolff—a lifelong fan of the twins—the project was a dream come true.

“It’s about as good as it gets. I hope the Twins District loves it, but ask me again in a couple of years,” Wolfe said. “If the twins win the world championship in the uniform I designed, I will die a happy man.”

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