It looks like Microsoft has ended production on the Surface Duo 2 and it’s no longer available new

to update: Most Best Buy locations are out of the Duo 2. Microsoft gave the following statement to Windows Central About availability:

The outlet’s sources tell her that the company is currently working on a Surface Duo 3. Meanwhile, your only option is to get a used unit from the likes of Amazon and eBay.

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Microsoft appears to have sold most of its inventory Surface Duo 2 and a Windows Central The report indicates that its production has ended. Most retailers are out of stock but luckily for those who want to get their hands on this amazing device, Best Buy has the Duo 2 on sale.
The Surface Duo 2 is no ordinary device and it’s clearly not for everyone. It’s aimed squarely at people who think focusing on one thing at a time is wasteful and like to use their devices to their fullest potential.

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Duo 2 has two 5.8-inch screens joined by a hinge to form a single 8.3-inch screen, making it about the size of a tablet. The hinge is clearly visible, but you won’t notice it after some time, and even foldable phones have a crease, so smooth bendable screens aren’t really a thing anyway.

The 360 ​​hinge can keep the device in any position you want. So, for example, you can fold one screen back and use the Duo 2 like a traditional phone, use it as a tablet, use one app on two screens to do different things, or use the tent position to play games with your Bluetooth controller.

Really, the possibilities are endless, which gives the Duo 2 an advantage The latest foldable phones. You can even place it like a laptop and use the bottom half for typing and the top half as a monitor. You can open a chat window in one part and browse the web in the other. It also simulates the experience of reading a book.
Another trick the Duo 2 has in its case is that the inner edges are slightly curved, so you can still see part of the screen when the device is folded closed. Microsoft calls this area the Glance Bar, so even though there’s no external display, you can see key information like the time, battery percentage, messages, and incoming calls without having to unlock the device.

Duo 2 is powered by the Snapdragon 888 chip which is fast enough and delivers a powerful performance. It has a triple rear camera and a selfie camera combo and they take detailed pictures in most lighting conditions.

Other notable specs include an integrated power button for a fingerprint reader, dual speakers, NFC, and stylus support. The battery lasts for a day with moderate use. The device will be supported until at least late 2024, and it’s also focused on the big screen Android 12L recently.

The base Surface Duo 2 launched at $1,499.99 and Best Buy is currently selling it for $824.99, so you’ll save $675. You can get better specs phones for this price but none of them can match the Duo 2’s multitasking capabilities.

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