Sister Wives: Watch Meri Brown’s post about “inner peace” one month before Kodi Brown’s split was confirmed

Merry Brown Focusing on the future amidst her breakup with Cody Brown.

the sister wives The star took to her social media in November with multiple messages that gave an insight into what she was up to just one month before confirming that she and Kody had called an end to their 32-year polyamorous relationship. The couple revealed their breakup in a preview on December 15th Sister’s wives: one on one distinct.

The 51-year-old- who is engaged to the 27-year-old Leon With Cody – they seemed to have positive ideas about what was going to happen before the teaser aired. As she said in a November 9 Instagram post, “The future is bright and holds the promise of hope, fulfillment of dreams, and sparking creativity!”

And at that time, Merry not only turned her head towards the future, but also looked back on her journey in life.

Without mentioning Cody, she continued, “I am at peace with me, with my past, with the experiences that shaped who I am.” “I am elated for what is to come in my future, for the things I am making, for the impact I can have on the world around me.”

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This was not the only instance in which Merry applied self-reflection during the month of November. That same month, she shared glimpses of her weekend retreat, where she and her friends went cycling, taking in nature and focusing on “mindfulness.” The TV star paired glimpses of that experience with a message about setting her priorities.

Instagram; Gabe Ginsburg/FilmMagic

“Inner peace and self-reflection is something many of us forget, as we go about our daily lives busy, taking care of all the daily tasks, and being of service to others,” Miri wrote on Instagram November 20. Take some time to adjust noises and distractions so you can learn what’s most important to you. “

Meri Brown, Instagram


But while spending time in peace was a huge focus for her, that didn’t mean the TV personality wasn’t busy — very busy, in fact. On November 12, Miri shared a selfie while on a plane with a caption about all the things she’s accomplished.

“In the past 23 days, I’ve been home 36 hours,” she wrote. “I’m not complaining, I have a good life! I’ve had great adventures, amazing job internships, intense and tremendous personal growth. I’ve done some soul-searching, accepted the things that needed to be accepted, and pivoted where I needed to pivot.”

And this adventurous lifestyle seems to be something Merry will continue to pursue.

“It’s what makes me happy, doing all the things, living this life you’ve bestowed upon me to the fullest, when and where I can, and feeling joy!” I wrote. “This is where I thrive, this is what I will go on!”

Cody revealed their breakup on December 15th sister wives preview, saying, “I don’t really consider myself married to Merry. If she wants to move on and marry another, she won’t quarrel with me.” announced his separation from Christine Brown in 2021 and Janelle Brown earlier this month. got married Robin Brown in 2014.

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