Here’s why Apple feels compelled to spruce up the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

Seeking to increase the revenue the iPhone 14 family brings, Apple has widened the specs and features gap between the non-Pro models of the iPhone 14 and the pricier iPhone 14 Pro line. For example, let’s say you simply must have the shape-shifting dynamic island notification feature on your new iPhone. This means spending at least $999 for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple got what it wanted by further differentiating between the iPhone 14 Pro and non-Pro models

Some other differences include the new 48MP camera sensor used for the wide camera on the iPhone 14 Pro series (as opposed to the 12MP sensor on the non-Pro models). Pro models are also equipped with a ProMotion display that allows the screen to redraw 120 times per second (120 Hz). The higher priced units are also equipped with a better OLED panel and faster memory chips.

Speaking of chips, the iPhone 14 Pro and Both the iPhone 14 Pro Max are powered by the new 4nm A16 Bionic while the non-Pro units are packing last year’s 5nm A15 Bionic SoCs. And of course, the iPhone 14 Pro series features a telephoto camera that less expensive units don’t have.

Statistics posted by Tom’s evidence indicates that Apple got what it wanted. While the iPhone 13 Pro series accounted for 51% of the iPhone 13 demand, the iPhone 14 Pro line is responsible for a whopping 64% of the iPhone 14 series demand. As a result of this and production problems at the largest production facility for the iPhone 14 Pro series at Foxconn in China, Wait times for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max approaching levels considered “extreme”.
At the same time, low demand for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus means that these models are readily available without delay. It’s unknown if Apple’s decision to put a kibosh on the iPhone mini and replace it with a non-Pro version of its biggest phone worked. 6.7 inches iPhone 14 Plus also features the largest battery capacity ever included with an iPhone (4,325 mAh vs. 4,323 mAh for the iPhone 14 Pro Max).
Next year though, Apple is expected to narrow the differentiation gap slightly according to Japanese investment house Nomura. says Nomura is telling customers that next year’s iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will have a Dynamic Island, a 48MP ultra-wide camera on the back, and the 4nm A16 Bionic SoC currently used in the iPhone 14 Pro series.

Nomura’s analysts add that, “At the same time, upgrades to the iPhone15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra (or Pro Max) are less significant to consumers (except for the Periscope camera, 8GB DRAM, and haptic feedback buttons.” Apple’s goal is to balance demand among the pro models. Unprofessional next year.

Does the iPhone 15 Ultra deserve its name?

Also, with the expected redesign of the iPhone 15 family, we expect Apple to take this opportunity to raise prices on its most important products. You haven’t done it in a few years, and next year seems like a good time to do it. There is also a possibility that Apple will port some exclusive new features such as rumored solid-state buttons, and a possible periscope camera at a much higher cost. iPhone 15 Ultra.
And while we haven’t really heard any rumors about the iPhone 15 Ultra’s battery specifically, is Apple looking to stuff a 5,000mAh battery into the unit? Imagine what screen time could be like with a battery like that. There is a feeling that if Apple replaces the Pro Max model with the Ultra, the device will have to acquire exclusive features worthy of the Ultra name. And, of course, it would have to add a price tag that’s also worthy of the name.

There is also a theory that Apple is closing the gap between its least expensive and most expensive phones next year in order to reduce pressure on its supply chain. The latter may be able to serve Apple better if demand is split evenly between the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Ultra, and iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models.

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