Everything Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said after their win over the Philadelphia Eagles

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy congratulates Dak Prescott after his touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday, December 24, 2022, in Arlington, Texas.  (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy congratulates Dak Prescott after his touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday, December 24, 2022, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)


Everything Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said after their 40-34 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday. All citations provided by the Philadelphia and Dallas media relations department.

Mike McCarthy

On how Dak Prescott responded to the first objection

“I don’t know if you can react better. He’s obviously got an interception, you know the great play. A play you don’t see every day, that’s for sure. Just didn’t quite get the ball. I think it’s clear his performance continues, you know.” I think he went 15 completions in a row. I just played on a huge level, tonight you see they smashed the run game. Their run defense was really good. Most importantly, I think Kellen (Moore) did a really good job of staying on course, and still He gets the runs, making sure Tony (Pollard) and Zeke (Elliott) were touching the football and obviously we got it done with the passing game today.”

About what a game like this does in the future

“I love it, this is adversity and progression. That’s what we’ve been working on all along. I just think like anything, two things we’ve really got for ourselves are our style of play, this group are the ones they bring all the time. I just loved connecting today. You can see, just the week.” The short, the preparation, I think the defending guys, obviously with Dan (Quinn), we’ve been in and out of our staff groups, it’s good to see the youngsters, the fresh youngsters coming in, based on the group of people and just playing the flow. We knew it was going to be a tough game, from “Obviously they are a great, special football team. I think both teams are probably hoping to see each other again, because you know what that means. This was a game we wanted to have and we felt we had to have it, more for ourselves. Now we’ve got 11 wins. I think That where we are is clear. We just have to make sure that this is really the toughest period of the season from a planning standpoint. Going into the short Thursday game you know with Christmas tomorrow, that’s really, on a professional level, where I focus. I think the players They did a really good job and we’ve done it.”

on how the team responded to last week’s loss

“I wasn’t worried about responding at all; I think it’s a rivalry credit or a split credit. I mean look at what our department is doing, talk about something that has a chance that hasn’t been done in NFL history. That was going to be a hell of a game. I wasn’t worried.” About the physical part of it really. I was really, because of the six days, just in a shorter week, getting back to men’s health. We had injuries last week. I think our guys know what’s in front of them. We understand that the game is in the past. I guess you can’t Dwell on it, you just have to learn from it.”

In TY Hilton’s first catch as a cowboy

“I thought TY had two huge plays in the game, The [third] Down and the penalty drawn. This was a great road trip as he was caught coming off his breaking point. Obviously with long distance and distance, we’re looking for a good runner, that’s a term I use, if we can get a runner out there, you know to shoot. Great road, great ball and obviously a huge play in the game.”

In Dallas defense tonight

“If you were on the court tonight, you would feel the pressure, it was hot on both sides. I thought they did a good job with their rushing plan as well. You know the ball was going out with Minshew, they hit the RPO, the double move early on. They did.” They went out and made the two plays right up to start the game. I know we were minus four in big plays at halftime. That was just one of the messages, I think there were 19 big plays in the first half; just hang it up there. There will probably be 16, 17 more.” Don’t chase them, you know, we’ll make them, and we sure made them along the stretch.”

on CeeDee Lamb

“CeeDee has been dynamite all year. He’s clearly getting attention, because of his level of performance, obviously a very talented young receiver. Just love his tenacity and tenacity with a smile. I thought CeeDee played big today.”

To be as low as 10 points twice

“Again, I think it just speaks to the culture we have here. This is the third year, the relationship between the players, the coaches and everyone involved here. There really hasn’t been any flash. I think if you can see our sideline, and I think it’s a real asset to focus, Which is really important going into this. We lost the penalty battle there earlier in the year, so it was important for us to play with a very high discipline and concentration. I thought our guys did. You never know what the outcome was based on the behavior of the line lateral”.

If he was thinking of going for the last field goal

“No. We were playing for, at the start of the drive at the 2:14 mark, we were definitely playing for seven was the idea.”

Duck responded on a run out of bounds at 2:01 left in the fourth quarter

“He thought it was in two minutes.”

About how hard it was for TY Hilton to win the coaching staff’s trust

“That’s people’s job. TY is obviously very talented and very proven and has played at the Pro Bowl level for several years, so obviously these types of situations are unique. For him to be available and for our organization itself to make a deal. You can’t find anything Nothing but high praise for him as far as the phone calls made. It was all a plus. He came here, beat our coaches and learned the language. The most important thing is that he’s a very polished road runner. He did it at a high level, I like the way he integrated himself into The group. He’s a perfect fit for us. He obviously had a couple of big chances, and they were huge plays in the game today.”

Young people on defense

“On the same date every year. Just like anything else, it’s very hard to beat injuries in the game. When you have a week to get ready and let these guys play the position they’re going to play in the game. I think what DaRon Bland did as a rookie is, I try To go back through my time to get that kind of impact, you never know play inside, start with your inside for a nickel and then back outside. I can’t say enough about our guys, but you know, they’ve been the focus since day one. Those guys put Overtime. They’re here for early morning meetings, all during training camp, all this week and they’re the ones who stay up late too. It’s great to see your players succeed when they take their extra time.”

About Duck’s mental toughness

“I don’t know how to say it, that’s who he is. Adversity is something he eats for lunch. He doesn’t blink. That’s a big part, I think it’s a big part being successful in group dynamics. When you work with people in a place as big as this and you have a group of guys who They go up and down on a day by day basis. That’s very difficult. This guy, Duck is the same person every day, in the fire, in training. I just think it speaks to a lot of his approach. He talks about another guy who spends an inordinate amount of extra time. He believes in himself. He believes in this team. He wears it on his sleeve.”

About how Duck kept the team steady and steady

“I love Dak Prescott, everyone loves. He’s a tremendous leader, very consistent. He’s got a unique swing here, he’s turned off the lights, but his crucial play is you know he plays big to the other side a few times here recently. We all understand you have to talk about that, focus It’s him. Like I said last week when you asked me, you know the most important thing is he just needs to keep shooting. Believe me, he knows it, he doesn’t need to be reminded of it, but I’m going to keep reminding him. He just needs to keep pushing and we’ll get those things right. This is how this game works.”

Currently, they have 11 wins if he goes through different scenarios

“I’ll be reading Todd Archer, ESPN.com. I think it’s clear what’s ahead. We play on Thursday, Philadelphia play over the weekend. We need to be healthy, and the players are where they need to be tomorrow, with their families. We are Need to go win in Nashville.”

If he had had a conversation with Duck after picking the six

“No. Just you know the old punch in the chest or something. A little love maybe not a conversation.”

About what he says to the team after a win like this

“I just think like anything, that’s what you train for. You train for the big moments in the game. I’ve learned as a young coach, you can focus on things too much. You can stress too much on the big plays. We treat it like that.” A staple of the National Football League, you have to have big plays to be successful. I just think the most important vocal point of that is not chasing big plays. I think our guys are doing a good job like that.”

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