Overwatch 2’s new tank hero is Reinhardt players’ worst nightmare

Ramatra stands by Reinhart's grave.

RIP Bozo
picture: Blizzard / Kotaku

During the Thanksgiving break, Blizzard reveals the abilities of a new tank hero, Ramatra, and he’s shaping up to be a pain in the ass for players Reinhardt and Mercy.

Much like Monitoring 2‘s Take advantage of the Feet Finder featureSigma, Ramatra seems to be A High skills Overwatch Character with the possibility of unga bunga alone a whole enemy team in the right hands. So let’s break down all of Ramatra’s abilities so you know exactly what to expect when he arrives Monitoring 2 Season two on December 6.


Ramatra’s primary ability is to shoot It is a close to medium ranged attack called Void Accelerator. Using his conjuring wand, Ramattra unleashes a bunch of nanites at the enemies. Void Accelerator has 100 bullets (or nanites), no damage drop, and deals extra damage with headshots. His secondary fire, Void Barrier, re-enters softly Watch the septum Return to the game by creating a temporary shield on the field. This barrier contains 1000 health points.

Likes Dragon ball ZGoku goes even further with his Super Saiyan 3 form, Ramattra has a power of his own called Nemesis Form. Apart from adding an extra pair of arms to the robot, to me Asura’s wrathNemesis Form adds 160 armor points to Ramatra’s health and changes his primary and secondary abilities. In Nemesis form, Ramattra’s primary fire transforms into a Doomfist-esque punch ability called Pummel that sends out an energy wave that can penetrate shields, strike multiple enemies, and cannot be nullified by D.Va’s defense matrix. Nemesis Form’s secondary ability, block, does exactly what you’d expect while reducing damage taken by 75 percent. However, this comes at the cost of Ramatra’s movement speed being reduced by 50 percent and unlocks his well-timed flank attack as it is only effective against frontal attacks.

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Oh. You think it’s over? Nuh-uh, Ramattra also has a projectile ability called the Ravenous Vortex that fires a ball of nanites that slows down enemies and pulls them towards the ground as well. Basically, I think Mi has been reworked Heat amplifier But with an aesthetic the magician Yrden’s mark of excellence.

Last, and certainly not least, is the ending of Ramtra: Annihilation. This finale automatically triggers the Nemesis form and all its random nonsense with the added bonus of an area-of-effect ability that summons a ring of nanobots around Ramatra that deals damage to enemies within its range and reduces incoming damage by 50 percent. Yes, he’ll be a hero you’d love to see on your team and hate seeing on everyone else.

If you champion your role in playing Ramatra, it would be a remiss if I didn’t mention that he is being held in the back Monitoring 2A battle pass unless you’ve done some grinding and are a level 55 or higher player. Blizzard, if anything, will Monetization Overwatch for each its worthThis includes the push/advance of the construction of the Ramatra wall. Personally, I’m waiting for Ramatra’s inevitable balancing act to make him less powerful than he appears on paper. You know it’s coming.

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