‘Risk!’ Champion Chris Bagnolo shady after 21-day streak ends: ‘He got lucky’

“Risk!” Champion Cris Pannullo opens up about the end of his 21-match winning streak — and shadowing the contestant who beat him.

Panolo, 38, ended his winning streak last Tuesday with a total winnings of $748,000. He lost to Andy Terrell – who he ended up losing the next night.

The fan favorite from New Jersey confessed in “Inside Jeopardy!” podcast that it still feels “incredible” and that the show is just over for him “for now.”

Everyone loses in Jeopardy! “But very few people win 20 games, and very few people win three-quarters of a million dollars, or half a million dollars, or a quarter of a million dollars or a hundred thousand dollars,” Paniolo told producer Sarah Whitcomb Foss. “I can’t be anything other than high even after I just lost.”

Cris Pannullo ended his 21-day streak last Tuesday with a total winnings of $748,000.
Andy Terrell
Cris Pannullo lost his streak to Andy Tyrrell (pictured) – who he ended up losing the next night.

When asked about his thoughts on Tyrrell – who was a substitute during the ‘Tournament of Masters’ – Pannullo seemed to throw a little shade.

“I loved his hair and his glasses,” he quipped.

“He had the look of a very strong college professor and he ended up being a really solid player.”

Chris Bagnolo
Chris Bagnolo said it still feels “incredible” and that the show is just over for him “for now”.

“His mind was more open than mine in that moment,” Panolo added of the moment he lost to Terrell in Final Jeopardy!

“If I opened my mind up a bit more and didn’t get weirded out there, I think I might have figured it out, but you can’t come up with everything,” Champion admitted.

However, Pannullo wasn’t quite finished with “Jeopardy!” Until now.

He’ll be back for next year’s Tournament of Champions – and the host will be Ken Jennings He says already The tournament will be “interesting” given Pannullo’s sixth-place position on the all-time list.

Ken Jennings
Ken Jennings (pictured) is already saying the tournament will be “interesting” with Panolo in the mix.

“It makes it more hopeful for me just to know I’ll be back, and that’s not the end,” said the operations success manager. “I have a lot of studying to do, and I’m going to watch ‘Danger! “Go ahead and scout my opponents.”

The winner of this year’s Tournament of Champions was Amy Schneider – who was the first openly transgender contestant to compete in the tournament. She won after six matches and won the grand prize of $250,000.

Voss wanted to know Paniolo’s favorite part from his movie “Danger!” The trip was over, and Panolo jokingly replied “the money”.

“Every day has been amazing and just a dream come true,” he admitted.

Bagnolo added that he wanted his “Danger!” The legacy of being a “hot” player who “bets big when it counts and makes the right decisions… someone to watch from start to finish”.

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