The three zodiac signs with raw horoscopes for December 18, 2022

Well, the game is on, and that game, of course, is the holiday season. Whether we celebrate or not, it doesn’t matter because by December 18, 2022, we’ve already had our share of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

At the grocery store, department stores, public bathrooms…we get it; All you want for Christmas is for them – I get it. It’s funny how no one gets into that song anymore. I wonder why!

So here we are. It’s December 18th, and transits are converging for our happiness — or pain, depending on how you look at it. We have a Scorpio-Pluto square today, like having someone watching our every move while we wait to tell us how to do it wrong.

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In other words, today is the day when we feel judged by everyone. Here’s the fun part: They probably don’t care about us; We think they are sitting there, silently judging and condemning us. Throw Saturn on top of everything, and we’re looking at a rough day full of confusion, and if we feel victimized, we’ll all ask that famous question, “Why me?”

Everything revolves around that song. If we hear it today – and we will – it will no doubt send us into fits of frustration. Everything seems harder today than it was yesterday, and we are afraid of tomorrow at this rate.

Let’s keep it light today, signs. The holiday hustle is a test that won’t pass anytime soon. Let’s move with it as best we can. Aren’t we used to this now? Knowing that we’ve all survived past holidays, he must tell us that we’ll get through this one, too.

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