Trevor Bauer’s suspension has been reduced from 324 to 194 games

Trevor Bauer’s 324-game suspension for violating the league’s combined domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy was reduced to 194 games by the jury on Thursday.

Bauer’s suspension remains the longest to be delivered under this policy since it went into effect in 2015.

Bauer’s appeal came immediately after Commissioner Rob Manfred announced his sentence on April 29, although the actual hearing did not begin until May 23. Bauer was first placed on administrative leave in July 2021, after a San Diego woman accused him of sexual assault during a sexual assault that began consensually and, she says, turned violent. The Washington Post published similar allegations from two other women this summer. Bauer has denied any wrongdoing.

The decision was largely in the hands of the impartial arbitrator, Martin Scheinman, who was approved by both the players’ association and the league. The other two members of the committee were one selected MLB recruit and one selected by the Players Association.

In Bauer’s case, Scheinman was tasked with deciding whether MLB had “just cause” to suspend Bauer for 324 games, the equivalent of two full seasons, double the previous high for a player who was found to have violated the same policy. Sources say the process involved several women testifying against Bauer’s behavior. The sources indicated that the appeal process, which used to take place a few days a month according to the arbitrators’ schedules, ended with closing arguments earlier this month. the athlete.

Bauer is currently on the restricted list and has not been paid while the grievance process unfolded, though games he missed – after Manfred’s initial announcement – count toward the total suspension.

After reinstating the position, Power agent Rachel Luba released a statement on Twitter With attorneys John Fetterulf and Sean Hawley. “While we are pleased to have Mr Bauer reinstated immediately, we do not agree that any discipline should have been imposed. Mr Bauer is looking forward to his return to the field, where it remains his goal to help his team win the World Cup.”

In February, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office declined to file charges against Bauer. MLB can issue penalties to players under its current policy, even if they have not been charged or convicted of a crime.

Shortly after the league announced Bauer’s initial sentence, he tweeted: “In the strongest possible terms, I deny any violation of the league’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy. I am appealing this action and expect it to prevail. As we have done during this process, my representatives and I respect the confidentiality of the proceedings.” “.

The Dodgers signed the Power to a three-year, $102 million deal prior to the 2021 season. In a statement released after the initial suspension, the organization said it “takes all allegations of this nature seriously and does not condone or excuse any acts of domestic violence or sexual assault.” We have cooperated fully with the MLB investigation since its inception, and we fully support MLB’s Common Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy and the Commissioner’s enforcement of that policy. We understand that Trevor has the right to appeal the Commissioner’s decision.”

(Photo: Orlando Ramirez/USA Today)

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