Goncharoff (1973) by Martin Scorsese is the greatest mafia movie ever made

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If you were online, specifically on Tumblr, during the weekend of November 18-20, you’ve definitely heard about it. Goncharov (1973). It is widely considered one of the Martin ScorseseA masterpiece of cinema, The Lost Mafia, was released in 1973 but was suppressed in the states for various reasons. Instead, it was not released. or in another scheduleAnd the Goncharov He won many awards and is already in Standards set. Everyone agrees that all of this is true.

with complete sincerity, Goncharov (1973) It is (if you haven’t already guessed) a fully made-up movie. What happened on Tumblr over the course of just a few days is nothing less than a fascinating carcass of the collective imagination, it all started with a fake movie poster made by a Tumblr user Beelzebub, based on an image of a promotional simulated shoe. Beelzeebub, a full-time artist who lives in the Czech Republic, spoke to io9 on the phone last night, saying the response has been “wonderful, but absolutely overwhelming.”

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Although the original post by the user truffles 2 years old, after Beelzeebub posted his fan art on November 18, Tumblr users have been obsessed with Goncharov (1973) And I started to get involved in mass myth-making. Within days, the film had a huge fan base, which had an ever-expanding cast, multiple plot lines that many users generally agree upon, collections of motion pictures, fan art, global themes and visuals, and even pseudo-articles from invented academics that were published. in nonfiction magazines. The easiest way to find out what’s going on is to explore # deer tag on Tumblr.

The energy, mass, and sheer enthusiasm that Tumblr so faithfully embraced as “Scorsese’s Lost Film” is an inspiring example of collective storytelling and spontaneous fan generation inspired by the community itself. Basically, Goncharov (1973) Not a movie, but a game. And only Tumblr knows the rules, because the rules Goncharov (1973) The rules are the same as Tumblr.

What is the Goncharov (1973) Around?

Plot details Goncharov (1973) She is, as you might expect, mercurial. Most of them agree Goncharov (1973) is the story of a group of Russian gangsters living in Naples. What is absolutely true is that Goncharov (1973) It stars Robert De Niro as Lou Stranero/Goncharoff, Harvey Keitel as Andre (or Andre) “The Banker” Dadano, and Sybil Shepard as Katya Michilov. Al Pacino also appears as Mario Ambrosini and Gene Hackman as Joseph “Ice Pick Joe” Morelli.

All of these characters were created by Beelzeebub, who illustrated and named them, and who also states (on the poster) that the movie was written by Matteo JWHJ 0715 and directed by Martin Scorsese. These are the only facts for Goncharov (1973), but even then people like to imagine it was actually directed by Matteo JWHJ 0715 and not Martin Scorsese, but that’s a fandom problem. The truth is on the label! There is also a second female lead, Sophia, played by Sophia Loren, although she was added to Fanon after the poster was produced. According to Beelzeebub, “What makes this fandom unique is that besides the names of the characters, there is no other law. People can do whatever they want.”

Beelzeebub was inspired to design the characters and the poster because they thought it would be something “maybe 10 of my subscribers would like.” They’ve created fake movie posters before, so the fact that this was a movie based on fake merchandise (widely seen as a computer-generated misprint of the movie Gomorrah) “It sounded funny.” Beelzebub is, of course, a huge Scorsese fan, and while they were “shocked” by the reaction, they say they have a lot of fun watching everything happen.

Vendôme seems to agree that Goncharov is a Russian mobster of sorts who came to Naples with his wife, Katya. There is a lot of killing. Goncharov and Andrei (and sometimes also Goncharov and Mario) have a latent homosexual tension stemming from their anxieties about time and legacy. Katya and Sofia do their best to stay under the radar and also explore their own personality, while also dealing with plenty of forbidden fruit metaphors and the idea that women are the source of sin. You can see that Scorsese’s own work played into these ideas. Much of this is up for debate.

how do you play Goncharov (1973)?

The game is easy to understand. You play the role of someone who saw Goncharov (1973), Scorsese’s lost masterpiece, and you’re posting about it on Tumblr. You can publish by adding to the visual lexicon of film such as creating artwork, animated collages, or even topics about Fashion design. You can engage in live-action film development/scene creation; One example is PowerBottom Process Springsteenshort message:

When Katya said ‘Of course we’re in love. That’s why I tried to shoot you.” “If we were really in love, you wouldn’t have missed it,” said Goncharov. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫.”

Which then leads to rejection cascade reactions and world building, culminating Stardust SwordResponse

“That, and then when Andrei Goncharov was killed at the end … Andrei was not mistaken.”

You can also play Goncharov (1973) By posting memes, applying popular formats to the film, and adding to the community’s understanding of the reactions to the film, it simulates a fan base. This is a crossover movement, usually that takes both visual additions and scene building. post ot3 by hannycat922 is a great example of that.

In addition, you can play by posting meta responses about the movie, moving Goncharov from the real world and firmly anchored in a strange valley of the unreal. So you can play by posting parts like mine Goncharov post — which reads, simply, “I don’t have time to become obsessed with Goncharov again, I really didn’t see him in college 10 years ago, and I became mentally ill for three semesters” — but also Letterboxd fake reviewAnd the Newspaper clippingsand excerpts from pseudo-academic papers and articles.

This is where people love Wonders and Sons They write posts starting with “the classroom. 5.2: Romanian or Danish soldier? Goncharov (1973) The Postmodern Frameworkand ending with “—Francine Rubik, Violent Delights, Violent Endings: On Gay Readings of Masculine Tragedy (2003, Oxford University Press) “This is also where we get posts like Clementine KishHis writing that begins with “excerpt from Haunted by Narrative: Fantasy Fiction at the End of the Early Internet Ageby H. Ma and T. O’Neill. Published in The Journal of Digital Archeology, Issue 43, pp. 87-93, May 2094.” (Also, This postby loverboygf, made me chuckle.)

You should note that there Already a fan From Goncharov (1973), where people rewrite a movie that has never been made before. More or less overnight, a fake movie poster inspired over 300 fanfiction pieces. While Archive of Our Own operates outside of Tumblr, the two communities are closely linked. Posting on AO3 is another way to play the game seriously and consciously Goncharov (1973).

I’m sure there are other ways to play; I can’t classify them all. But most posts seem to fall into one or more of these three categories. Regardless of the rating, all users play Goncharov (1973) Applying the generally accepted aesthetics and community culture of Tumblr in a way that is entirely unique to the social networking site. There are no rules beyond the unspoken rules of Tumblr, which are generally very flexible to begin with.

Why do people care Goncharov (1973)?

There really will be treatises written on all of this Goncharov (1973) Phenomenal, but there seem to be a few major reasons why this Tumblr game has taken off. The first is that Tumblr has fostered a culture that loves to joke around. When one user posted a spoof reaction to the fake shoes that simply said “This idiot hasn’t seen Goncharov” everyone bought. The backbone of improvised storytelling, the ‘yes-and’ way of mass celebration, has always been a part of Tumblr culture, and as people continued to add to this faux-film mythology, they added in their favorite parts of the fandom while also keeping their way of expression entangled in pop-cultural ways. in Tumblr. After all, fun, enthusiasm, and a fan are the core tenets of Tumblr’s user base.

Another reason people hold on Goncharov (1973) Because Scorsese has a distinct aesthetic, especially when it comes to mafia movies, a huge body of work, and a cast of actors he has worked with constantly. Besides the fact that it was cheerful To create a Scorsese fake movie from the ’70s, it was easy. Even as the details move across the site, the themes, ideas, and corners of the Goncharov (1973) It has remained the same due to the archetypes, motives, and societal understandings of the genre that Tumblr users operate in as well as the user’s understanding of (real) Scorsese films.

Goncharov (1973) He’s also a shiny new fanbase and ultimately an incredibly low fanbase. it’s not truly True, and therefore everyone is correct, and no one really has a one-sided opinion on what is or is not true. It takes self-interpretation and goes one step further, creating a self-text, that transcends the media and goes right to critical analysis and society.

Gaslight, Gatekeeper, Goncharov

Within Tumblr culture, there is a deep sense of fun and silliness. Creating an entire movie and its history within America’s cinematic production based on a single piece of graphic art made as a joke after a misprinted shoe advertisement for a movie that went near-viral two years ago must feel stranger than it is. But for Tumblr, that’s not weird simply because Goncharov (1973) is one of the original Tumblr games that you can only play on Tumblr. It’s a telling culmination of fan culture and analysis and an incredible celebration of the creativity at the heart of the social networking site. Importance Goncharov (1973) Isn’t canon that’s what you do with it.

If you have an old Tumblr account now might be the perfect time to get rid of it and move on. Between Twitter’s exit and unrealism Goncharov (1973) Absolutely conquering the site, there really is no better collaborative social media experience to be a part of. just remember, Goncharov (1973) is a completely real movie, and if you haven’t seen it, there’s probably a reason why. You should post about it.

as such Goncharov (1973) It continues to pervade all over the Tumblr verse and with a collective awareness of its unreality, you can expect it to get weirder, wilder, jealous, and more layered as time goes on. The game is a serious and intelligent moment of self-awareness for every user who plays because that is exactly what fandom is like on Tumblr. Goncharov (1973) It’s fun because users make fun of themselves and invite others to be part of the joke. Game Goncharov (1973) It embodies what so many people love about Tumblr: an interpretative fandom experience where everyone is right, because there is nothing wrong.

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