Wed misunderstands the misunderstood protagonist

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While Tim Burton Wednesday It definitely tries to mimic the ’90s aesthetic Adams family The movies, the surrounding plot, and the characters of Netflix’s latest teen drama fail to capture geek charm From the gothic family of Charles Addams.

The eight-episode Netflix series follows Wednesdays (Scream‘s Jenna Ortega) as she tries to solve a horrific murder that took place in the woods outside her new school, Nevermore Academy. It also delves into the history of Jericho – the small town that hosts the school – and its founding father, Joseph Craxton, a notorious witch hunter with a blood relationship to one of Wednesday’s ancestors.

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At Nevermore Academy, boundaries move beyond the creepy and the scary; Werewolves, vampires, sirens, gorgons, telekenetics, and shapeshifters all attend. What this means is that Wednesday Addams is no longer an outcast among the “norms”, with her family’s support from her fellow Outsiders, but an outcast among the supernatural, without the support of her family and with a proven track record of favoring the company of the disembodied hands of her fellow students.

It’s a frustrating hour. Gina Ortega does the best she can with her lines, but Wednesday’s blistering cynicism and endless misery make her a painful main character. The one liner who worked Wednesday was part of the cast of Simply Don’t Land. She is emotionless, selfish, and self-obsessed. She uses her friends, rejects boys who try to take her out on dates (for some unknown reason, since she never said a single thing to anyone), and routinely accuses her parents of various acts of vandalism, choking, and even murder.

The point of Adams family is that they are agreeable enough to be tolerated by their regular neighbors, while also remaining true to their quirky and exotic roots. They teach “normal” people how to interact with people other than themselves, and they accept every kind of person into their arms wholeheartedly. the problem with Wednesday is that it constantly reinforces the differences between “norms And “The Untouchables” to the point of making a very corny twist at the end, because naturally It was the rules truly monsters Along. If I could have rolled my eyes hard enough to make them fall off my head I would have been rolling on the floor by the second episode.

This takeaway is frustratingly simple and is emblematic of the show itself. He speaks to his teenage audience, presenting clichéd black-and-white issues of morality and melodrama with the kind of grim design of an executioner’s axe. Will Wednesday go to the school dance with tormented outcast artist Xavier or serious city barista Tyler? Is the beast in the forest controlled by an outcast or an ordinary one? Is Gomez Addams truly Kill a romantic rival while he is no longer present or not? All of these questions have been answered, and none of the answers matter. With lock step predictability, yYou can probably guess the answers right now and be right, with no nuance whatsoever.

Emma Myers as Enid Wednesday

Enid, baby, you deserve better than this. ready to die for you.
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Then there is the style of this presentation. Sure, the costumes do a lot of the work — both Wednesday and Enid (Wednesday’s werewolf roommate, played by Emma Myers) are exceptionally well dressed — but there’s not much styling going on elsewhere. This was probably the biggest disappointment for me, especially as I went into the series hoping that Tim Burton’s aesthetically pleasing, stylistically over-the-top taste would make this watch at least a visually pleasing watch. not like that. Wednesday It is disappointingly cute.

Without the constraints of intense sets, and with plenty of important conversations taking place in Jericho’s Café instead of Nevermore Academy, there are few flourishes to very dark scenes. Shot in Dim lighting and middle a Much rain, doom, and gloom, Wed She rarely makes herself memorable, disappearing into the shadows of her own show. The exceptions to this occur during the two scenes where she plays the cello, and her relaxed stiff corpse face actually works with Danny Elfman at times-Great result. However, the real death knell for this show is the fact that it is Wednesday Powered by a deadly crew that includes Christina Ricci, Gwendolyn Christie, and Still no one standing out.

amnesia Wednesday Perhaps a consequence of this character getting an entire series dedicated to her character, which, as it turns out, isn’t funny when the same schtick repeats dozens of times per episode. The character sticks to the goth/nerd part, but fails to pursue any truly horrific interests. The best example is when a school dance is a prank and red liquid is pouring out of the sprinkler system. Wed licks some of her finger and sighs – it’s not even real pig’s blood!

Girl, do you think it will be? This is basically a CW show. Dyed water is the closest thing you’ll get to real apocalyptic humor in the entire series. The show cares a lot more about complications on Wednesday No concern for chemicals and lead to massive, CGI-heavy construction, the season-ending fight sequence (yes, really) rather than making any real attempt to romanticize the terrifying.

The show’s cleverly closest pass is through dry, humorless twists on idioms. “I don’t bury axes. I sharpen them.” “If you hear me screaming bloody murder, there’s a good chance I’m just enjoying myself.” “A tortured writer, an emphasis on torture.” These lines, delivered ruthlessly and with teenage self-importance, should have been saved for elevator ads and Twee billboards. While that, Burton has taken these things pale tradition affiliateThe 1930s and 1940s, the original monogram New Yorker style Adams family comic And I imagined it could last through an eight-episode show. Like many of these overwrought jokes, he’s sorely wrong.

Wednesday Streaming now on Netflix.

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