New movies and shows to watch this weekend: “1923” on the Paramount Channel + and more

At long last, Starry Sky Yellowstone prefix, 1923We’re on screen this weekend! And besides, there are dozens of new shows and movies that we can’t wait for you to binge. With so many great new shows and movies to choose from, let us here at Decider help you figure out what to watch this weekend and where to stream.

New movies and shows to stream this weekend: 1923, the recruitAnd the Nanny + more

Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan knows he’s got a franchise worth expanding on, which is why he’s been working so hard on creating 1923Premieres this weekend on Paramount+. The new series, set in the midst of America’s westward expansion and Great Depression, stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob and Kara Dutton, the great uncle and aunt of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, Jr. New spy series the recruit, in which he plays a young CIA lawyer who gets drawn into a dangerous assignment that just doesn’t cut it. And in Prime Video’s new horror NannyAnd the we Actress Anna Diop plays a Senegalese governess to a wealthy Manhattan family who tries to earn enough to make her young son live with her, but is tormented by visions that frighten her.

Want to know more about these highlights and the rest of our great weekend lineup? Check out the rest of the new hit titles when they air this weekend below:

New to Paramount+ December 18: 1923

The drama created by the Dutton family goes back more than a century. if 1883 It was not enough for you, now there is something else Yellowstone prefix, 1923, which takes us back to the Prohibition era, as the Dutton’s put down roots on their ranch in Montana. Originally intended as a one-season limited series, these eight episodes, the first of which premieres Sunday night, will eventually be expanded into a second season.

Stream 1923 on Paramount+

New on Amazon Prime Video December 16th: Nanny

in Nanny, Anna Diop is Aicha, an immigrant from Senegal who takes care of the daughter of a wealthy couple (Michelle Monaghan and Morgan Spector) living on the Upper West Side and initially seems kind, but as time goes on they make life for Aicha increasingly uncomfortable. As she deals with unease around her employers, she is haunted by images and visions that foreshadow something bleak to come. This is a Blumhouse production, so while Aisha’s story could just be an unsettling immigrant story, you can be sure there’s an element of horror and tragedy in the finale.

Stream Nanny On Prime Video

New on Netflix December 16: the recruit

New Netflix series the recruit Produced by Doug Lyman, The Man Who Brought Us On Bourne identity And the Mr. and Mrs. Smithand was created by Alexi Hawley, who also created fort And the rookie rookie. Just bring that up so you know what DNA lies in this new spy thriller. In the eight-episode series, Noah Centineo plays Owen Hendricks, a CIA rookie who is instantly drawn into a dangerous situation when he finds himself having to negotiate with a former CIA asset who threatens the agency’s security.
Stream the recruit on Netflix

Full list of new movies and shows on weekend airing

The above options are only just scratching the surface, so you know the full lineup for this weekend will have amazing options for what to watch this weekend! For the full breakdown of the best movies and shows streaming right now, or if you’re still undecided about what’s airing this weekend, check out the full list below:

New on Netflix – Full List

Released Friday, December 16th

Christmas storm * NETFLIX SERIES
Pardo, the false record of a handful of facts * NETFLIX FILM
Cook at any cost * NETFLIX SERIES
dancing monsters * NETFLIX SERIES
away from home * NETFLIX SERIES
special lesson * NETFLIX FILM
summer job * NETFLIX SERIES
the recruit * NETFLIX SERIES
Volcano: The Rescue of Whakaari * Documentary on Netflix

Released Sunday, December 18th

Side effects

New to Hulu – Full List

Released Friday, December 16th

collision (2022)
I love my dad (2022)

Released Sunday, December 18th

The legend of Molly Johnson (2021)

New to Paramount+ – full list

Released Friday, December 16th

snowy day (the first show)
Metallica presents: Helping Hands concert

Released Sunday, December 18th

1923 (the first show)
When Christmas was young

What’s new in Discovery + – Full List

Released Saturday, December 17th

Jimmy v. Britney: The Trials of Father and Daughter

New to Apple TV + – full list

Released Friday, December 16th

Little America
place of the puppy
slow horses
Legendary quest

New to Prime Video – full list

Released Friday, December 16th

about fate (2022)
lol: last one laugh mexico S5 (2022) * The original Prime Video series
Nanny (2022) * Prime Video Original Movie
the night before (2015) (friday)
Unexpectedly expected (2021)

New to Disney + – full list

Released Friday, December 16th

Beauty and the Beast: The Thirtieth Celebration
Heroes of the Long Road with Martha Raddatz
If only these walls could sing (Premiere) * Disney + original
the pupils (Premiere) * Disney + original
Mafia secret
Muppets Most Wanted (Sing Together version)
Where oceans collide

New on HBO Max – the full list

Released Friday, December 16th

Martin: 2022 Reunion Special
farm to tableSeason 3

New on Showtime – Full List

Released Friday, December 16th

Dead for a dollar
the giver
L word: generation x
George and Tammy
be them

New to Starz – full list

Released Friday, December 16th

Wonderful woman
American Son (2008)
Mermaid tale
Better luck tomorrow
Christmas in heaven
Dracula II: The Ascension
Dracula III: Legacy
has evolved
Fun size
Gulliver’s Return
I will find you
keep watching
The legend of the kung fu rabbit
to make
Planet of the Apes (2001)
stay (2005)
Double Devil
The fourth angel
the gift (2000)
Happy Prince
The Hollow Point
The man who knew very little
Defiance Award Winner, Ohio
Time Machine
Uncommon valor (1983)
Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000
Wings: Heroes of the Sky Force

Released Sunday, December 18th

dangerous relationships
Step up

New on BritBox – Full List

Released Friday, December 16th

Gordon’s Festive Home Cooking | New on BritBox | 3 x 60
Gordon Ramsay: The Christmas Cockalong S1-2 | New on BritBox | 2 x 90

What’s new broadcasting in December 2022?

These are just a few of the new movies and shows you can catch this month if you have more than one subscription to the streaming service. We update our guides for new releases on the most popular streaming platforms every month, so you can stay on top of the latest titles to watch. Here are the full listings, schedules, and reviews for everything that airs:

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