James Gunn teases his own DC and Marvel plans

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Patrick Stewart talks about Picard and Crusher in the final season of… Star Trek: Picard. a Legendary quest Spinoff is on the way. The Cyclone The sequel has found its way out. In addition to file Fear Street comingand look back Superman and Lois. Spoilers now!

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Fear Street

According to a report from above the lineChloe Okonoobserver) to direct a new file Fear Street Movie on Netflix produced by Chernin Entertainment.


Limit Lee Isaac Chung reports (for pain) To guide Cyclone sequel, Tornadoesfor Universal and Amblin.


Limit Also reporting is Shawnee Smith, Bruce Dern, Tyrese Gibson, Taryn Manning, Damien Maffei, Drew Muerlin, Alexander James RodriguezAnd the Jaime Zevalos and James Gaudioso and Anthony Gaudioso are linked to star in The SkoletonA meta-horror film directed by Ante Novakovic. Based on a screenplay by Anthony and James Gaudioso, the story follows Moira Cole (Smith) who is “trying to move on with her shattered life after the brutal murder of her friends and family at the hands of her obsessive and disturbed cousin, Lee Morris. She lives a quiet life in suburbia with her two deeply affected adult sons, And Moira is constantly reminded of her past, which splashes onto the screen every October, after being cast in a popular movie franchise.

Party and prey

Meanwhile, Patrick Brace (crawling) direct attachment Party and preyAnd the A “social horror film with a gritty genre twist” based on the graphic novel by Steve Orlando and Steve Fox. Adapted from the screen by Rob Foreman (iZombie), the story follows Alan, “a wealthy, older gay man meets a confident and attractive young man named Scott in a nightclub. Their chemistry leads them to end up at Alan’s house, where the men’s dark secrets are revealed and they spend a night together neither of them expected.” [Deadline]


Limit He also has the word for Bridget Stokes and Robin Thiedy Show drawing of a black lady Will re-write and direct the team killersa zombie horror comedy on Amazon where “four best friends attempt to redeem their college reputation by traveling to the SpelHouse homecoming. Their quest for self-defense becomes a struggle for survival when a zombie apocalypse begins terrorizing the country.”

The Exorcist

according to LimitPhoto by David Gordon Green Exorcist The reboot has been paused in light of an “unspecified health issue” involving actress Leslie Odom Jr. Fortunately, production is expected to resume in January.


In response to a fan on Twitter, James Gunn promised Batman would remain “a big part of the DCU,” even with Matt Reeves and Robert Pattison in character.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3

in conversation with Entertainment WeeklyJean also mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 It will have the “biggest stakes” of the franchise to date.

That’s the big thing. This is where things really happen. This is where we learn the truth about who these characters are, and take the biggest risks.

Yellow jackets

Limit reports Yellow jackets It was already renewed for a third season ahead of the second season premiere March 26th.

mere mortals

I ordered Apple TV+ mere mortals, Eight episodes Legendary quest A spin-off that explores the lives of the staff and players And the fans who are touched by the game.” [Spoiler TV]

Star Trek: Picard

Patrick Stewart stumbled upon Picard’s relationship with Dr. Beverly Crusher during a recent interview den geek.

Well, there was a lot of personal tension involved Always there. Jean-Luc has always admired her, and she, too, is just as much. But there have always been issues in the past where Picard thought maybe she wasn’t behaving appropriately. And of course, there were the romance-making ways, which just didn’t seem like they were going to work. But [this season]In this episode, we learn that life-altering things have already happened to Beverly Crusher and Jean-Luc Picard. His anger at the way Beverly lived with this unexpected event led to some of the most interesting scenes I’ve played. The scenes I have with Gates in Season 3 are among my favorites because they were so emotionally naked, both…and fragile. I don’t think we saw both of them at the same time at that point.

Superman and Lois

spoiler tv He has two pictures from “Closer,” the third season premiere Superman and Lois It airs March 14 at 8:00 PM ET on the CW.

Image for article titled James Gunn teases plans for DC and Marvel

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Image for article titled James Gunn teases plans for DC and Marvel

picture: CW

Doom Patrol

Finally, Madeline Zima makes her Space Case debut in the trailer for next week’s episode of Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol 4×04 “Casey Patrol” (HD) HBO Max Superhero Series Presentation

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