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Like every other popular website, YouTube has its share of missing features and annoyances. We have to fight clickbait thumbnails and endless ad reads that get in the way – andFortunately, there are plenty of browser extensions out there that fix these issues, so you can focus less on the problem-Solution and more on video-bingea job.

Before downloading these extensions, Keep in mind that having too many extensions installed is bad for your browser. It can slow things down, and sometimes even affect your privacy. Make sure you are comfortable with the permissions each extension requests and only install them You really need.

YouTube optimizer

If you only want to install one extension, YouTube optimizer It must be your choice. It blocks ads, allows you to massively increase the size of all videos, and lets you choose a different default video quality, frame rate, and codec. This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Master volume

if YouTube’s only problems with the sound, you should try Master volume on Chrome. This extension allows you to increase the volume up to 600% and allows you to set a different volume for each tab in the browser. If you are using Firefox, give it a try 600% volume While that.

Clickbait Remover

Clickbait thumbnails are all over YouTube. If you are tired of your favorite YouTubers making 500 different clones of freaky faces for their thumbnails, you must install Clickbait Remover. Replaces thumbnails with actual screenshots from videos, making a YouTube file Many Less annoying.

You can also check YouTube full address for the videos, which shows you the full title of each video. It removes clipping headlines from the site and makes it easier for you to see if a video is worth watching.

The origin of uBlock

The origin of uBlock It is the best extension to block ads on YouTube. She also has Many advanced features You should check, such as block cookie banners, malware domains, and remove tracking from URLs.


shepherd Automatically skips reading ads inside videos. The next time your favorite YouTuber tries to promote random products or services, you won’t even know it. Ideally, you should pair SubsorBlock with uBlock Origin to completely block ads on YouTube.


vinegar ($1.99) Among The best safari accessories You can download. It forces YouTube to play in the HTML5 player, which means you can Play videos in the background for free. IIt also blocks YouTube ads.


If you want an aesthetic makeover for YouTube, look no further RoundedTube. This extension adds rounded corners to video thumbnails and makes the site look more modern.

Video speed controller

Video speed controller It is a Chrome extension that allows you to easily speed up or slow down YouTube videos. It has a handy set of keyboard shortcuts that let you control the video speed, beyond YouTube’s default 2x speed limit. This is useful for those who want to quickly skip to the meat of long wandering videos.

Even better, this extension works with HTML5 videos on other websites as well.

video snapshot

When you need a screenshot from YouTube videos or other streaming sites, video snapshot will help. It’s a simple extension that does its job well, and you can choose between JPG and PNG image formats for your screenshots.

Save it

Although YouTube has its own watch later feature that allows you to save videos, Save it He takes another step. This extension allows you to drop a bookmark at any specified timestamp within the video. This way, you can play bookmarked videos from that timestamp and easily find the information you need. You just have to press B on your keyboard to add a bookmark to YouTube videos, which makes a Very easy to use extension.

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