James Gunn Responds To His ‘Cold’ Reaction To Henry Cavill’s Departure Was ‘A Worthy CEO’

Fans weren’t on board with Henry Cavill’s loss of Superman, but James Gunn has refuted claims that his reaction to the situation was “cold.”

James Gunn He became the target of many fans’ frustration over the cancellation of Henry Cavill’s Superman Returns. In a recent Twitter post, Gunn responded directly to one comment that described his attitude to the news as a “cold indifference” that was “really the CEO’s role.” As someone who’s been a constant social media presence throughout his Marvel and DC travels, the current backlash to Superman hasn’t seen him hide away. He said in a post:

“I’m not cold about it. I sat face-to-face with Henry yesterday and we had a very open, honest and respectful discussion. We’ve communicated since then and he and I are fine. And you said what I needed to say yesterday, I’m not sure what you want me to say.”

Many fans are still upset about the return and loss of Henry Cavill in the DCU, and it has put even more pressure on Gunn and Peter Safran when it comes to their plans for the franchise’s future. It wasn’t an easy transition from the old DCEU to the new DCU, but now it’s a mountain climb for recovering fans and trying to make the DCU finally work for Warner Bros. Discovery. Whether they can do that is something we won’t know for at least two years.

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Will all of the old DCEU characters be recast in the new DCU?

7 reasons to get excited about Batman v Superman for the Justice League

It looks like Superman is set to be played by a younger person in a movie that won’t be an original story but will be set at a similar time in Clark Kent’s life as seen in the Matt Reeves movie. Batman, with Superman being in his first year as a hero and a Daily Planet reporter. If this is the beginning of the new DCU, it seems inevitable that the characters around it will also need to adapt to this time period. That could mean recasting everyone from Batman to Wonder Woman. Then where do you leave the likes of Shazam, The Flash, and Aquaman? Zachary Levi recently responded to Henry Cavill’s Instagram post announcing that he will not be returning as Superman, commenting:

“I hope to catch you in another world, sir.”

When Gunn and Safran are announced as the new CEOs of DC Studios, Levi seems optimistic about their arrival, telling Comic Con Portugal that he knows Gunn’s work and that he’s “one of my bosses now, and it’s dope.” He went on to note:

And then Peter Safran, who’s his partner, he’s my producer — he did Shazam!. So your question is, ‘If these two are my directors, is there a plan and a future for Shazam?’ I’d say, “Yeah, I hope so.” I hope so.’ Because those are my friends, and if they don’t have a plan, they’re not my friends anymore. No, sir.”

Whether that means Levi’s friend list is about to get a little shorter, we’ll soon know when plans for a DCU reboot are announced.

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