Rumored Bulls: Lavigne, DeRozan, Donovan, Moore

the bulls They lost four straight games and are only 6-14 since opening the season with a 5-4 record. Amid the long slump, concerns arose within the locker room about the stars Zack Lavigne And the DeMar DeRozan According to Shams Charania and Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic, “they can click together at a high level on the field this season and beyond”.

Charania and Mayberry reported that the bulls held multiple team meetings to try to work through their issues, including one-on-one sessions between Lavigne and DeRozan. However, those efforts yielded no results on the field – according to the Athletic duo, “stylistic tension on the field” had festered throughout the season.

Asked about the situation in Chicago, LaVine said the team’s win-loss record exacerbated any issues the team might have.

“I think everyone has their ups and downs, just as every team does,” Lavigne told The Athletic on Tuesday. “Obviously if we don’t win matches, not everyone will be happy. It won’t look as good as before. Everything shines and shows when you win matches. But when you lose matches and you try to do the same things, it’s a disorder. Everyone has their right to their opinion.” For me, I keep my head down. I work on my game and try to help my team. I help try to lead the team. That’s where I stand. I’m just trying to take it day by day and assess what we’re doing.”

Citing multiple league sources and people close to the situation, Charania and Mayberry also report that LaVine and the Bulls haven’t seen eye-to-eye this season. Specifically, they say there is a “palpable feeling across different parts of the franchise to disconnect from Lavigne’s Chicago situation.”

The Athletic report lacks specific details and the wording is somewhat vague, so it’s hard to say exactly what the problems are in Chicago or how seriously we should take them. At the very least, the team’s slump seems to be creating frustration and tension that might not exist if the Bulls won a few games. It remains to be seen if the club will be able to work through those problems and bounce back without major personnel changes.

Here’s more about Bulls:

  • There was “growing suspicion” within the Bulls locker room about the head coach Billy Donovan And his staff, according to the sports duo. Still, Donovan has signed a preseason extension and his job is secure, according to Charania and Mayberry, who said the veteran coach is focused on improving LaVine and DeRozan through “a balance of execution, accountability, and collaboration.”
  • Lavigne dismissed the idea as he was negatively affected by the heightened expectations that came along with his new five-year, $215 million+ contract. “It didn’t affect anything for me. I don’t understand how that is contextualised,” she said. He said. “Just because you signed a deal, is it supposed to have extra weight? I think there’s extra weight every time you step on the court if you don’t perform or don’t play the right way. But everyone is open to their opinion.”
  • After Sunday’s 150-126 loss to Minnesota, the veteran guard Goran Dragic He said the problem with the Bulls is that they “don’t play for each other”. Donovan also suggested that the team plays very individually: “We have to get out of the mentality of worrying about scoring and how to go attacking and getting goals with the ball. And if the ball moves and passes whoever scores, he scores.”
  • ESPN’s Brian Windhorst explores whether it makes sense to stay the course or pivot and become a salesman. As Windhorst notes, the Bulls owe their 2023 first-round pick to Orlando with top-four protection, so even reaching and finishing with the worst record in the league won’t give them more than a 50/50 chance of keeping that pick. On the other hand, with very few sellers in the trading market, Chicago could get a good return by trading some veterans.

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