Kate wears Princess Diana’s emerald necklace to the Earthshot Awards

Catherine, Princess of Wales, delighted the 2022 Earthshot Awards on Friday night, showing off her sustainable style in a rented gown and accessorizing with the emerald necklace her late mother-in-law, Diana, was famous for.
The Art Deco emerald and diamond necklace was a favorite of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, who wore it boldly on her forehead as a headband during a 1985 tour of Australia with her then-husband, Prince Charles. The piece of jewelry was lent to Diana by Queen Elizabeth II.
Kate paired the necklace with a vibrant green Solace London dress that was rented for £74 ($90) from online platform HURR in the grand finale to the royal’s three-day trip to the US.

Prince William established the Earthshot Prize in 2020 in hopes of harnessing the world’s brightest minds to tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing humanity. Each year for the next decade, five winners will receive £1 million (about $1.12 million) to scale their creative solutions.

This year’s event in Boston was a highlight on the Prince of Wales’ calendar and has been dubbed by Hannah Jones, CEO of the award, as the King’s “World Cup” moment.

Speaking during the ceremony, William said: “I believe the Earthshot solutions that I saw this evening prove that we can overcome our planet’s greatest challenges. By supporting and scaling them we can change our future.

“Together with tonight’s winners and finalists, and those who will be discovered over the coming years, I hope Earthshot’s legacy continues to grow, helping our communities and planet thrive.”

Sustainability was considered by Earthshot organizers in almost every aspect of the night. In an effort to make the occasion as environmentally friendly as possible, all food served was vegan and single-use plastics were banned, guests were transported to the venue in electric or hybrid cars, and emphasis was placed on hiring local crews and equipment.

Like Kate’s wardrobe choices, those on the green carpet were encouraged to wear vintage ensembles or wear clothes they’ll recycle in the future.

Meanwhile, the recycled green carpet — previously used at the inaugural awards ceremony in London last year — is decorated with plants grown 100 miles from the venue that will be donated to community organizations after the glitzy event.

Celebrities at the award ceremony included Hollywood actor Rami Malek and former English football captain David Beckham while artists who performed that night included Annie Lennox, Ellie Goulding and Beyoncé Chloe x Haley.

Prince William and Kate chat with actor Rami Malek at the awards ceremony on Friday. attributed to him: David L. Ryan/Pool/The Boston Globe/AP

In a conversation with CNN before the event, Malik praised William for launching the award and creating a positive approach to addressing the climate crisis.

“It’s very inspiring. It’s finding answers and £1 million being given to these five people, these five organisations, something to stop us from looking at the gloom and the doom and the pessimism in it all, and looking to the future,” said the 41-year-old ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ star who performed. Later the Fix Our Climate Award, about what we can do because when we bring our ideas together, we can do extraordinary things.

The awards ceremony culminated in a challenging visit by the royal couple to Boston, which was overshadowed by a race controversy that saw a woman identified as William’s godmother In British media Susan Hussey has quit her job as a royal aide after repeatedly questioning the head of a black-born British domestic violence charity about where she “really came from”.
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