The internet reacts to Nick Cannon’s guilt over the time he didn’t spend with his 11 kids


All dads carry a little bit of guilt for one reason or another, but for Nick Cannon, dad’s guilt is a little different. The actor and media personality recently opened up about being the father of an 11, soon to be 12-year-old in his latest installment of Screening with Dr. Agos.

“Being a father of several children, my biggest guilt is always that I don’t spend enough time with all of my kids,” Cannon said. Many are wondering how to make a file Wild in Out The host is now planning to extend his time even further since he’s expecting a new baby with partner Alyssa Scott.

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“One is because I work constantly and two because I’m spread thin,” he explained.

If you remember, Scott and Kanon tragically lost their first child, Zane last December at just five months old due to brain cancer. Cannon also spoke about the couple’s decision not to have their baby boy undergo chemotherapy.

The father said of Zain: “He was healthy, energetic, and always smiling.” It seems that the baby has also had breathing problems for two months.

“we [also] I noticed his head was a little bigger, [but] All of my kids have big heads. “I was a kid with a big head,” Cannon said.

Believing Zen might have asthma, the new parents took the baby to be seen by a doctor who was immediately alarmed by the size of the baby’s head. Cannon stated that the doctor mentioned that this was “the first sign that something was going on”.

According to People magazine, Zen has been diagnosed with high-grade glioma, which is a rare and severe form of brain cancer. But for Cannon and Scott, chemotherapy was not an option.

“Seeing your son hooked up to all these machines — and having to go in for a shunt two or three times, and it was heartbreaking each time — even in that short time, I couldn’t imagine him having to go through chemo.”

Cannon, who knows very well about the treatment (as he also had to undergo a form of chemotherapy himself for lupus), told the show’s host that he “knew what that did to me.” While Kanon is expecting his twelfth child, many are wondering why he continues to have children, and whether or not they are all planned. He’s insisted that he’s always wanted a big family, and that maybe he’s not done yet.

On Saturday, Cannon’s vacation photos taken on various dates with his kids and their moms started making the rounds on the Internet, and there was Much to be said on social media.

A Twitter user asked,How is he doing I would spend time with them if he was more busy with pregnancy? “

“I think he’s trying to get like [many] Before his journey on Earth ends,” one Instagram commenter wrote with a sad face emoji as an expression of Cannon’s family span or health.

Others are eager to criticize the father’s decisions.

Another commented: “It’s causing generational trauma.”

Still others see nothing but a man trying his best by all his children.

“A dad who tries to be a good father to all his kids no matter what,” one Instagram user wrote, noting that there are plenty of dads out there struggling to do the same.

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