OneTaste members claim new Netflix document ‘Orgasm Inc’ uses stolen footage

Former members of OneTaste – an orgasmic meditation company that has been accused of being a cult – claim that the upcoming Netflix movie “Orgasm Inc” uses “stolen footage”.

The group, which calls itself The Real People of OneTaste, has created a website, Hey Netflix, claiming that the “documentary was made largely with footage that was stolen and sold to producers,” and includes “highly sensitive and private facts about our lives without our permission.” “.

The site also includes a petition, which they claim was signed by 400 former members, further explaining that the footage – which may include nudity – was “on multiple hard drives (covering the period between the mid-2000s and 2016), and Sold by a former OneTaste employee of a Netflix product for money without our knowledge, permission or consent.”

“We have given OneTaste a specific and exclusive authorization to film our participation in certain courses and activities solely for educational/educational purposes,” the petition says.

“Some of these sessions were intimate for us and parts of the material may depict some of us in various stages of undressing, as part of OM practice or elsewhere. In some cases, this includes extreme close-ups of our genitals.”

OneTaste is described as a sexuality-focused health education company that practices orgasm meditation, or “OMing.”

The company was run by Nicole Didon.

Courtesy of Netflix


The company was run by Nicole Didon.

Courtesy of Netflix

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The Bloomberg report claimed that “former employees and community members say OneTaste resembles a kind of prostitution ring – one that exploits trauma victims and others seeking healing.”

“In the experiences of some members, the company used courtship and sex to attract emotionally vulnerable targets. It taught employees to work for free or cheaply to show loyalty. Managers often instructed employees to have sex with each other or with clients.”

OneTaste described the allegations as outrageous, and members of the new site called them “false and shocking.”

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The group asked Netflix not to use the footage.
Courtesy of Netflix

The group asks Netflix for “written assurances that none of the footage… has been used, broadcast, broadcast, sold or otherwise exploited,” and that the operator “will not use our names or any audio recording of us, any (fuzzy or blurred) images of us.” or any video (distorted or blurred), or any images or videos of our bodies.”

The document will be released on November 5.

The Netflix representative had no comments.

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