finally! Used car prices are dropping, but consumer reports say there’s a catch

Buying a used car has been particularly troublesome over the past two years. Seeing prices for used models exceed the MSRP for a new model is enough to make any self-respecting person want to climb walls. Well, good news; According to Consumer Reports, average used car prices are dropping, but there’s a catch.

Selling Used Cars | Matthew Hatcher via Getty Images

When will used car prices drop?

We did it, y’all! Finally, we were freed from this crazy used car hell. Restrain yourself. Yes that’s right. According to Consumer Reports, after historically high used car prices peaked in 2021, prices have officially begun to ease. Labels still have a long way to go given how far they’ve come, but a drop of 3 percent, on average, shows things are moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, as we said, there is a problem.

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