Gut feeling: Will the Cowboys stay hot in Jacksonville?

Although it didn’t feel that way, the Cowboys won last week against Texas, despite needing a 98-yard drive in the closing minutes. So yeah, the Cowboys are looking for a “bounce back” game but they’re also trying to win their fifth straight game since the overtime loss to the Packers.

This week, they traveled to Jacksonville for the first time since 2006, seeking their first-ever regular season win for the Jaguars.

So what will happen on Sunday afternoon? Check out how the writers think it will go down in jacksonville.

Patrick Walker: The Cowboys’ AFC South run continues – after wiping out the Colts only to narrowly defeat a lowly Texans – making it difficult to predict their appearance against a Jaguars team that has proven to be able to put up plenty of points. Losing starting nose Jonathan Hankins over the remainder of the regular season is like losing Anthony Brown through 2023, and Trevor Lawrence will try to use his arsenal (Travis Etienne, Z-Jones, Christian Kirk, etc.) to challenge those situations, aided by the fact that coach Doug Pedersen knows a thing or two. About playing against Dallas. But with all that respect given, I feel like the Cowboys were given a strong reminder to stay in the chokehold at all times, and they’re doing it in Jacksonville this week, because they know they’re going to lose if they don’t. 34-24, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: Had the Cowboys taken care of business early on against the Texans and controlled them like we all thought, maybe this one in Jacksonville would give me more bouts to choose. But I think last week’s game was a wake-up call that won’t let them look forward to the Christmas Eve showdown we all know is coming. But let’s see what this team is made of – and how they interact in Jacksonville, a place they haven’t visited in 16 years. There were a lot of Cowboys fans at the game, although this has been a good year for the Jags, expect to see a lot of Blue & Silver. But Jags will score some points. The Cowboys will also score a lot. I see a high-scoring game that the Cowboys will eventually win, something in the range of 37-28.

Hailey Sutton: The past week has been a reality test. Losing your right first line a week after losing your starting cornerback was ordeal enough, now you’re trying to work out what the first line would look like against one of the most underrated teams in the league. But, I don’t think this is a game of trap so much as two distinct opponents looking to prove something. Jacksonville will score a lot. But the Cowboys will score more if they can eliminate those self-abuses we saw last week. I feel like this is going to be a high-scoring event, so Dallas gives me a 38-28.

Spanish Mickey: The Cowboys have done well when the pressure is on to perform well, both home and away, and the pressure is on Sunday in Jacksonville, because if they don’t play well and win, they have no chance of catching the Eagles. , which makes the Christmas Eve game somewhat pointless. While the Jags offense has been cruising, let’s see if it can take on the Cowboys defense. Plus the Cowboys offense would be a lot more than the Jaguars could handle. Cowboys 27, Jaguars 18.

Kyle Yeomans: This is a unique challenge and records should be thrown out the window. Jacksonville taps the offense and their strengths will test some of Dallas’ current weaknesses. If the Cowboys were going to mind their business against the Texans the way they should, I don’t know if I would pick them this week. However, they’ve now seen that it’s hard to put any NFL team away and some of the frustration with last week’s poor performance will continue. Dallas won the title by getting off to a hot start and holding on late, 34-30 over Jacksonville.

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